Can plus lens reverse myopia?

If you let a person wear shortsighted glasses, after an hour, the axial length will be longer. The axial length will increase by about 5 microns, which is very important because the axial length is only 25 mm. On the other hand, if you wear a convex lens within an hour, the axial length will be shortened by about 10 (microns). If you wear plain glasses, it doesn’t change. This is the latest human eye experiment, which used to be on primates and chickens, which is very exciting, because now they have sophisticated instruments to actually measure the length of the axis of the eye when you look at things.

Can plus lens reverse myopia?

There are many people on the Internet who use plus lens to reverse myopia

For example:

1.I’ve seen this very early. It’s very similar to what the doctor told me. I’ve done it for nearly two years, and my eyes have dropped from 800 to 420

2.At present, I have been doing it for two months. I took out the glasses of 700 degrees before and found that I can see 1.0. It should be reduced by 100 degrees. Super happy (800 degrees before I did it) may be because I am under age, so it is fast. I am 14. This method is useful!

3.From 475 / 450 to 375 / 350, believe it or not, I just focus on my exercise results.

I have seen a lot of people’s vision improvement, which has proved to be effective, but I have not seen cases of complete cure.

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