Can reverse myopia with plus lenses?

From the perspective of optical principle, the plus lens with low degree will produce a small amount of convergence before the light enters the eye, so as to form myopia and defocus in the eye, and gather the object image in the front of the omentum, which can slow down or reduce the generation of lengthening signal of the eyeball.

Can reverse myopia with plus lenses?

But more importantly, in the field of behavioral optics, the plus lenses is often used for the treatment of over assembly, insufficient regulation, decreased regulation sensitivity, regulation disorder and regulation spasm.

The research shows that according to the dynamic adjustment range of each child, wearing low degree of positive lens can reduce the burden and discomfort of short-distance work and learning, and even have a positive impact on the improvement of reading speed.

At present, more and more medical resources and parents pay attention to how to slow down the deepening of myopia after their children get myopia, which is very good. However, at the same time, we need more methods to prevent and reduce the environmental factors of myopia as much as possible.

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