Can sunlight reverse myopia?

One book says that looking at sunlight can effectively shorten the eye axis.

There used to be an old saying that a man-made Archer can see the sun every day to improve his eyesight. In the end, his eyesight is very good and he has become a archer.

Can sunlight reverse myopia?

So it is possible that ancient people restored their eyesight through this method.
People who often live in the sun, the health index of eyes is generally on the high side. Sunlight can stimulate retinal cells, pituitary gland and visual cortex. For children whose eyesight has declined, it is possible to restore their eyesight only by activating the power of the eyes.

If people often stay in the room and their eyes can’t fully feel the sunlight, our vision response ability will decline. When we receive the sunlight, the sunlight beam enters our eyes, the pituitary gland is awakened, and then the pituitary gland secretes hormones, which control the growth, digestion and metabolism of the human body. Before outdoor activities, eating a banana can quickly convert sugar into glucose, which can deliver energy to the body.

vvIf the sun is not particularly strong, try to wear less sunglasses, close your eyelids and enjoy the sun. When the weather is clear, close your eyes to the sun, let the light pass through the eyelids, and stimulate the eye cells. Myopic people are very sensitive to light. They will squint or squint when they encounter strong light. This can improve the ability of our eyes to accept light.

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