Can we reverse myopia in adults?

Myopia is actually a natural physiological phenomenon of the human body. It is normal to reverse myopia. But we need a new understanding of myopia, or we will never be able to solve this problem.

Can we reverse myopia in adults?

If we really want to restore our eyesight, we should understand the cause and harm of myopia

Myopia is because we do not use the far vision function of the eye for a long time, which results in the degeneration of the far vision function and forms myopia. The distance of vision is conditional. If you look at the vision chart at a distance of 5 meters, you can see the distance below 1.0. If you see more than 1.0, you will be nearsighted.

The degeneration of eye function will cause the changes of eye organs. The most common is the deformation and atrophy of eyeball, which leads to retinal detachment. (it’s the same reason that we don’t exercise for a long time.)

Can myopia be reversed? Our answer is that myopia can be completely reversed, there is no question of whether it is true or not.

Can myopia be reversed

To reverse myopia, we need to improve periodically and continuously. We need to pay our own efforts to achieve the recovery effect. We don’t need to rely on any drugs and medical equipment. Pay will have a return, myopia is the same, God will not care for lazy people.

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