Can you reverse myopia naturally?

The so-called true myopia axial growth, this has a certain truth. But not necessarily myopia axis! Because axial growth is only a relative concept. High myopia and myopia for a long time, the axis of the eye will be longer than the normal state, relative to the eyeball will also become smaller, we say nystagmus and retinal detachment are caused by this reason!!

There is a fact that through exercise, naked eye vision has been improved, but the eye axis has not changed? This is to ask: eye axis does not change, how is naked eye vision improved? Can imaging on the retina that with the length of the eye axis to determine where myopia science?

In fact, high myopia and myopia time is too long, the eyeball will deform, this is very normal (if we do not exercise for a long time will atrophy a reason) the problem is caused by eyeball deformation is not immediately appear, that requires immediate restoration of what is the reason? Eye physiology function recovered slowly, eyeball also can return to normal with this no problem??

Myopia can be reversed, the biggest controversy is the cause of myopia and recovery process do not understand!! There are indeed cases of reversing myopia in society! We doubt other people’s achievements, but we don’t know their efforts!! Good results and healthy physique need to pay a certain amount of efforts to obtain, we do not pay what qualifications to doubt??

Pay will be rewarded!! So is myopia! God does not care for the lazy. We need to solve the problem of myopia, not to create myopia.

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