Category: Child Myopia

How can children wear glasses after myopia?

Abstract: with mild myopia, children can’t see clearly, resulting in the decline of the quality of life and learning. Should Children have myopia corrected with glasses? What’s the harm of not treating? Mild myopia, children can not see clearly, resulting in a decline in the quality of life and learning. If there is no timely […]

Parents worry, will myopia be inherited?

Abstract: myopia is a common refractive state. In our daily life, there are two types of myopia, one is simple myopia, the other is high myopia. These two situations are quite different. The post-80s and 90s have become parents one after another. Parents always have a lot of concerns about their children, and so do […]

Does 100 degree myopia need glasses?

How does myopia develop?

Abstract: pseudomyopia is due to overuse of the eyes at close range. The focus of the ciliary muscle in the eye is moved closer through contraction adjustment. As time goes on, it will show temporary myopia. After using pupil dilators, the ciliary muscle is relaxed, and the myopia can disappear. Some people around say that […]