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Treatment of keratitis with both internal and external traditional Chinese Medicine

Abstract: keratitis is a common blinding eye disease in the world. The main pathogenic microorganisms of keratitis include viruses, bacteria and fungi. Herpes simplex viral keratitis, superficial punctate keratitis, suppurative keratitis, corneal stromal inflammation and fascicular keratitis are common in clinic. They are called poly star barrier, Silver Star unique sight, jujube pannus, coagulation pannus […]

Public eye lecture hall: there is a great risk of indiscriminate use of eye drops. I’ll teach you how to use eye drops correctly

Abstract: because the cornea itself has no blood vessels, it mainly exchanges nutrients and substances through aqueous humor and tears. Tears form a thin tear film in front of the cornea, which not only provides oxygen and nutrition for the cornea, but also plays an important role, including: ensuring the smoothness of the cornea; Moisten […]

Eyesight fatigue, do not blindly “clear the liver and clear the eyes”, the choice of these drugs is more important!

Abstract: in the development process of more than 2000 years, traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmology believes that the eye can see everything clearly and distinguish color, which is related to the normal operation of the five Zang and six Fu organs, meridians and Qi and blood. The liver opens the orifices in the eyes, so the […]