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Myopia, don’t blame learning

Abstract: light pollution refers to all kinds of artificial light that affects the natural environment, causes human discomfort and damages human health. Introduction to: in modern society, it’s not strange to have bad eyes. Who doesn’t have a few pairs of glasses? The general population may think that in addition to genetic and developmental factors, […]

What causes myopia to deepen?

Abstract: the deepening of eye degree is something many myopic people don’t want to face. So do you know what dietary reasons lead to the deepening of myopia? Mentions myopia. Many people often attribute it to bad eye habits, such as improper reading distance, too dark light, long-term eye use, etc. However, medical research in […]

What is the pathogenesis of myopia

Abstract: myopia is a symptom that the eye can’t see far things, but can see near things. On the premise of static refraction, distant objects cannot converge in the retina, but form a focus in front of the retina, resulting in visual deformation and blurring of distant objects. The incidence rate of incidence rate of […]

How does myopia progress?

How does myopia progress

Development process of high myopia At first, he was indifferent, did not pay much attention to the health of eyesight, and did not care about the unclear objects. He began to have myopia symptoms such as squinting, blinking, strabismus, etc. Second, they despise the health of eyesight and can’t see clearly because there are no […]

Why myopia occurs?

Why myopia occurs

Myopia is a normal physiological phenomenon. Functional myopia is a temporary dysfunction of the eye. Through moderate exercise can completely restore eyesight health! The reason why we are helpless to myopia is that we have reversed the cause of myopia! Myopia is not tired, but we do not use the function of distant vision normally, […]

How myopia occurs?

How myopia occurs

How does the eye see the distant and nearby scenery clearly? It is through the ciliary muscle to adjust the lens to change the diopter to adjust the imaging retina to see the distance clearly. How is myopia formed? It’s our eye habits and eye environment that keep us close all the time, right? Is […]

How myopia is caused?

How myopia is caused?

The causes of myopia include internal and external causes. Internal cause The internal factors include genetic factors and developmental factors. Genetic factors refer to chromosome recessive inheritance of high myopia, and myopia has genetic tendency; developmental factors refer to the development of eyeballs in infancy, which will lead to myopia. External causes The external factors […]

How does myopia increase?

How does myopia increase?

Whether you go to a famous eye hospital, do a careful examination, with good glasses, but children’s myopia can only rise every year, at least 50-100 degrees. Because myopic people are generally inseparable from a development process: visual fatigue → mild myopia → moderate myopia → high myopia. The degree is from 50 ° to […]

How does myopia start?

How does myopia start?

The main clinical manifestations of myopia include blurred distant vision and clear near-range vision. In the early stage, the distant vision fluctuates and squints when staring at distant objects. In addition to poor distant vision, poor night vision is often associated with higher myopia. In general, myopic patients may find myopia later because they can […]