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Does myopia need glasses?

Abstract: there are many reasons for children’s myopia. Therefore, scientific optometry emphasizes the improvement of binocular visual function. In addition to accurately checking the diopter, we should also consider the problems of binocular balance, eye position, accommodation, pupil distance and so on. Some people around Say that children with low degrees should not wear glasses, […]

Why does myopia have exophthalmos?

Abstract: the eyes can’t see distant objects clearly. Distant objects can’t be imaged in the retina, but form a focus in front of the retina, which is called myopia. Axial myopia causes eye deformation. The deeper the degree, the longer the eye axis, and the more prominent the eye will look. As myopia, what are […]

Is “pseudomyopia” really all right?

Abstract: parents must not relax their vigilance because of a child’s pseudomyopia. For children in the growth and development period, they should not only measure whether their eyes are normal by naked eye vision, but also monitor at least three indicators: naked eye vision, diopter and axial length. for most parents of children with myopia, […]