Causes of myopia in children and four solutions

Abstract: the stage of pseudomyopia is not valued by parents. 70% of the surveyed students failed to be treated in time when their visual acuity was 0.8 for the first time, of which about 15% were directly equipped with glasses, so that they could not correct pseudomyopia in time.

myopia is a big problem perplexing Chinese young people. In 2004, the Ministry of Education issued the announcement on the monitoring results of students’ physical health, The announcement report “the detection rate of poor eyesight of students is still high. The monitoring results in 2004 show that the detection rate of poor eyesight of primary school students aged 7-12 is 32.5%, that of junior middle school students is 59.4%, that of senior high school students is 77.3%, and that of College Students is 80.0%.” China has become the largest glasses country in the world.

1. The main reasons for the increase of students’ myopia

1. Incorrect posture in reading and writing homework and insufficient light are one of the important direct reasons for myopia.

2. Going to bed too late: you can’t guarantee enough sleep.

3. Improper way of eye rest: many children and parents think that after finishing their homework, they can watch TV, play mobile phones and play video games to relax and let their children rest. This is wrong.

4. Can’t look far: many children live in classrooms, houses and cars. They spend less than 3 hours outdoors and looking far every day.

5. Obvious partial eclipse and excessive sweets.

6. Homework is delayed. Many children work for 20 minutes and often linger for an hour.

7. Do not pay attention to, do not treat and blindly match glasses in the stage of pseudomyopia.

8. Too much and too long childhood, too close to computers and TV.

9. Malnutrition or other diseases.

II. Summary of the reasons for the increase in the detection rate of myopia in preschool children

1. The age of myopia is getting lower and lower. The myopia rate in kindergartens is not high, about 2%, but the amblyopia rate has an upward trend in kindergartens, about 3%; (however, it is also found that some poor vision testing institutions, glasses shops and bad quacks cheat parents for money, but induce parents to wear glasses or treat their eyesight at the stage of normal vision development, resulting in real myopia).

2. Myopia increases with the increase of grade, about 10% in grade one, 20% in grade two, 30% in grade three, 40% in grade four, 50% in grade five and 60% in grade six.

3. The time from pseudomyopia to true myopia is getting shorter and shorter, and the visual acuity can be reduced from 0.6-0.8 to 0.15-0.3 in 2.5 months.

4. The stage of pseudomyopia is not valued by parents. 70% of the surveyed students failed to be treated in time when their visual acuity was 0.8 for the first time, of which about 15% were directly equipped with glasses, so that they could not correct pseudomyopia in time.

III. why do preschool children’s myopia also increase

it is generally believed that students’ myopia is caused by excessive and incorrect learning methods, but why does preschool children’s myopia also increase?

I think there are probably six common reasons for the increase of myopia in preschool children:

1. Genetic factors. The survey shows that a large proportion of children with myopia have both or one of their parents. However, only one or both parents are highly myopic, the genetic phenomenon is obvious, and the child may have congenital myopia. High myopia here refers to more than 800 degrees. Below 800 degrees, children may have a recessive gene for myopia. They are not short-sighted in appearance, but they are easy to be short-sighted in the same environment.

2. Malnutrition. It is often due to children’s partial diet, especially the lack of vegetables. The survey found that many children look white and fat, and their food is mainly meat. They are seriously partial to food, resulting in vitamin deficiency.

3. Malnutrition, but the reason is that the child’s spleen and stomach indigestion and the food he eats can not be well absorbed, resulting in nutritional deficiency. There are also some children who eat too much small food, which will also cause malnutrition.

4. Children learn too much too early. Many parents want their children to succeed. They let their children learn too early and too much. The learning time is too long and too tired.

5. Ambient light. The distance between watching TV and computer, lack of light and lack of exercise are the external reasons for children’s myopia.

6. Some diseases may also cause children’s myopia. Premature infants are prone to myopia. According to a set of data from the low vision center in New York, more than 50% of the reasons for damaging children’s vision are congenital diseases, especially congenital cataract, congenital glaucoma and optic nerve diseases.

4. 90% of myopia in preschool children are pseudomyopia

1. What is myopia?


the so-called myopia refers to external light. After being bent by the refractive system of the eye (mainly the cornea and lens), it does not accurately focus on the retina, but falls in front of the retina. To move the focus to the retina, you need to look close to the eye. Therefore, people who are short-sighted are blurred in the far, but clear in the near.

2. What is true myopia?

the real myopia is that the refractive system of emmetropia is at rest, that is, after the adjustment is removed, the far point of the eye is located within a limited distance. In other words, myopia is caused by congenital or acquired factors, the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball becomes longer, and the parallel light enters the eye and forms a focus in front of the retina, causing blurred vision. Pseudomyopia, on the other hand, has some regulatory effects when looking at distant objects.

3. What is pseudomyopia?


are commonly used by young students when looking at near objects. Due to the strong degree and long duration of adjustment, they cause the continuous contraction of ciliary muscle, resulting in adjustment tension or joint spasm. Therefore, when they turn to look far after reading and writing for a long time, they can not relax the adjustment quickly, resulting in visual fatigue symptoms such as dizziness, eye swelling and vision loss. Due to the increased refractive power of the eye, the eye is in myopiaState, called pseudomyopia.

pseudomyopia and true myopia have the characteristics of visual fatigue, poor far vision and good near vision. However, pseudomyopia belongs to functional change. There is no problem of lengthening the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball. It only regulates spasm. After eyedrops with ciliary muscle paralysis drugs, most of them can turn into hyperopia or emmetropia. If you wear myopia lenses according to the treatment of true myopia, your eyes will feel very uncomfortable, because it does not relieve the adjustment spasm, and even lead to the risk of myopia development. Therefore, the treatment of pseudomyopia is different from that of true myopia.

4. Why are children prone to myopia?

at present, 98% of adult myopia begins before the age of 20. Why are children and teenagers prone to myopia? The general explanation is that children’s vision development is not perfect during their growth period, and they are easy to be affected by external factors to form myopia.

traditional Chinese medicine explains the cause of myopia that children are in the period of growth and development of the body and are also in the period of continuous filling of Qi and blood, but there are many places that need Qi and blood during the development period. Sometimes, due to some reason, there is insufficient supply of Qi and blood, and the liver is the goal at the door of the five senses of the human body. Therefore, if the liver stores blood insufficient, it will lead to insufficient blood supply to the eyes, Easy to fatigue.

if long-term fatigue, it will be slow in adjustment, ineffective in response and false myopia. At this time, if you have a proper rest, the nutritional status is improved, the child has sufficient Qi and blood, and the phenomenon of false myopia will be eliminated naturally. In particular, sleep more. The Internal Classic says: people lie down and blood belongs to the liver. The liver receives blood and can see – the liver opens its orifices in the eyes. Myopia is related to the liver, hyperopia is related to the kidney, myopia and hyperopia are variable, and astigmatism occurs in the process of change.

we know that people with myopia have small black eyes, and those with heavy Yin deficiency and fire must have insufficient liver blood. If there is a problem with his liver (virus), he must be a person with liver heat, which will force the kidney to water, and the eyes will shrink. The more severe the contraction, the deeper the myopia.

when there is more blood in the human body, the liver heat of the human body changes, and the depth of myopia will be reduced. This is why many people are short-sighted when they are young and not short-sighted when they are old.


during the growth of many children, myopia will become very serious. That is because the amount of blood required for the child’s growth and development is greater than the amount of blood that the human body can make. Blood is the energy of the human body. There is a total amount in the body, and each part accounts for a certain proportion. Growth and development is a great event for children, The human body will give its all to support this project. If the total blood flow is insufficient, in order to ensure the child’s growth and development, other parts of the body have to give way, and the original balance will be broken. The first is that the blood in the liver needs a lot of external transfer. In this way, the situation of liver heat will become more serious, and the degree of myopia in the eyes will deepen day by day.


in adulthood, the human body is basically mature, the consumption of Qi and blood is less, and the liver blood is sufficient, so people will not have the phenomenon of reduced vision. Many people regard lying reading as the main cause of myopia, which is a misunderstanding. The main reason for myopia is not lying down, but the distance, the length of time and the direction of lying down. If you can keep looking up at a distance of 30 cm, the time is not very long, it will not cause myopia. Because “lying blood belongs to the liver, and the liver receives blood and can see”, this method is beneficial to the eyes.

therefore, if children have myopia, don’t worry too much, especially don’t hurry to match glasses.

v. how to prevent children’s myopia

1. Take corresponding measures to prevent the above causes of myopia.

2. Ensure comprehensive nutrition. Pay attention not to let children overeat and eat less small foods, especially sweets.

3. It is very important to ensure enough sleep.

4. Often check and test children’s vision, and deal with problems in time. If it is found late or delayed for a long time, pseudomyopia will also become true myopia.