Children are short-sighted. Have you ever known about corneal plastic goggles?

Abstract: corneal shaping lens is a kind of corneal contact lens specially designed according to the corneal morphology and refractive state of each wearer, and its geometry is opposite to that of the anterior surface of the cornea. It is made of hard and high permeability polymer material, which has good oxygen permeability, optical property and stability.

corneal shaping lens can effectively control the rapid growth of juvenile myopia. Its safety and effectiveness have become the most talked about content by parents. In order to let more parents really understand the corneal plastic lens and help their children get rid of the heavy myopia frame glasses as soon as possible, the eye hospital summarized the typical problems raised by parents to help parents correctly understand and understand the corneal plastic lens. Can

01 corneal shaping lens really do without glasses during the day?

corneal shaping lens technology is the only non-surgical method in the world to effectively correct the rapid development of juvenile myopia and improve daytime naked vision without glasses. After wearing corneal shaping glasses for 1 hour, the average degree of myopia is reduced by about 100 degrees. The relevant survey results show that 90% of myopia patients within 600 degrees can basically achieve daytime naked vision of more than 0.8;

02 after wearing corneal shaping lens, the visual acuity reaches 1.0, is the correction effect good? Do parents worry about the safety of


corneal shaping lenses?


corneal shaping lenses are specially designed according to the corneal morphology and refractive state of each wearer, and their geometry is opposite to that of the anterior surface of the cornea. It is made of hard and high permeability polymer material, which has good oxygen permeability, optical property and stability. As long as you go to a regular hospital for fitting, the product source is regular, the fitting personnel are technically qualified, you wear it in strict accordance with our guidance and requirements, regularly recheck, clean and disinfect the lenses, there will be no potential safety hazards. Can

03 corneal shaping lens completely eradicate myopia? Can everyone wear it? Who doesn’t fit?


corneal plastic lens technology can not completely cure myopia. After stopping wearing for a period of time, the cornea will return to the original state, that is, the refractive state of the eye will return to the original level, so its effect is reversible and does not change the physiological state of the cornea. It is suitable for people over the age of 7 and under the age of 40. It can achieve the magical effect of not wearing any glasses during the day. For teenagers under the age of 22, it can effectively control their myopia development.

corneal shaping glasses are not suitable for the following people:

1 Eye contraindications: acute inflammation, keratitis, keratoconus, chronic pigmented membrane inflammation, chronic dacryocystitis, dry eye, decreased corneal perception, incomplete eyelid closure, paralytic strabismus, cataract, acute and chronic glaucoma and active fundus disease, etc.

  2. Systemic contraindications: acute and chronic sinusitis, severe diabetes, dermatosis, use of corticosteroids, atropine, and other drugs that affect the orthokeratology, rheumatoid arthritis and other collagenous diseases and mental patients.

  3. Relative contraindications of individual conditions: unable to take care of themselves, poor personal hygiene, poor compliance and failure to review on time.

  4. The expectation is too high and beyond the treatment range of corneal plastic lens.

  5. The fitting doctor thinks it is not suitable for wearing.

who is suitable for wearing corneal shaping glasses?

  1. The degree of myopia is within 600 degrees

  2. Over 7 years old, under 40 years old

3 No corneal abnormalities, no eye diseases

4 Corneal curvature, intraocular pressure and other natural conditions meet the wearing requirements


5 Children and adolescents with myopia, the only choice to control or slow down the further deepening of myopia is



are the only choices not willing to undergo surgery when entering school, recruiting workers and joining the army for physical examination Ideal method for athletes, actors and other special occupations not to wear frame glasses and contact lenses

8 The ideal method of not wanting to wear any glasses during the day

9.18 years old and above are unwilling to have surgery or wear other glasses. The only choice

04 wear corneal shaping glasses. What is the difference between the development of myopia and ordinary frame glasses?


wear general myopia frame glasses, which only solve the problem of “seeing clearly” for children. In contrast, axial lengthening was significantly slower in children wearing corneal shaping glasses. Therefore, corneal plastic lens is very effective in controlling the development of myopia.

05 do you need to cooperate with other means to correct myopia while wearing corneal shaping glasses for children?

is generally not required. Because when teenagers wear corneal shaping glasses, corneal shaping is a dynamic process, and their visual acuity fluctuates. If other auxiliary means are taken to cooperate with correction, once the cooperation is improper, it will not only have no effect, but also be easy to have a reaction. However, we should pay attention to eye hygiene at ordinary times. It is suggested that we can do some activities to exercise the sensitivity of eye adjustment, such as playing ball, practicing “eye to eye” and so on, because 90% of teenagers’ myopia is related to slow adjustment.

06 where should corneal shaping be matched?


suggest that you go to a regular eye hospital for fitting. First, a fitting file shall be established. Before fitting, a detailed examination shall be done, such as visual acuity, slit lamp, intraocular pressure, fundus, diopter, corneal topography, tear examination, etc., and then judge whether there are contraindications according to the examination results. Try them on after meeting the standards. So far, only a small part of the work has been done, and the after-sales service is more important, which directly affects whether you can wear it safely. Including after the lenses arrive, the fitting personnel shall carefully check the lens quality specifications, provide detailed lens removal and wearing nursing guidance to the wearer, and track the whole process. This meticulous and thoughtful service not only determines the direct effect of fitting, but also determines the service life of the corneal shaping mirror, but also effectively ensures the safety of the corneal shaping mirror.