Children playing table tennis can prevent myopia

Abstract: many children love to play table tennis. The small ball is far and near, jumping up and down, and their eyes move constantly with the small ball. In fact, in this process, their eyes get good exercise, which can play a role in preventing and treating myopia.

generally, the purpose of children playing table tennis is to exercise and cultivate their interests. Expert research found that children playing table tennis can also prevent myopia!

this study is mainly aimed at teenagers. In recent years, the incidence rate of juvenile myopia has been high. Research has confirmed that simple myopia occurs at about 10 years old. The correct vision of children should be over 1.2. If the vision is below 1, comprehensive measures should be taken immediately to adjust or treat, because this is the best time to prevent and treat myopia.

the important cause of myopia is eye fatigue. When you look at things at a short distance for a long time, the lens is always in a highly regulated state. At the same time, when you look at nearby objects, the two eyeballs converge to the nasal root, so that the extraocular muscles compress the eyeballs, resulting in myopia for a long time. When playing


, both eyes take the ball as the goal and constantly adjust the movement up and down, which can improve the tension of ciliary muscle and make it relax and contract; Extraocular muscles can also move continuously, promote the blood circulation of eye tissue, improve eye visual acuity and eliminate eye fatigue, so as to prevent myopia.

ophthalmologists suggest: let children with myopia often play table tennis, practice for 1-2 hours a day, and stick to it for two to three months.