Children should not watch TV and play games for a long time

Abstract: with the development of science and technology, TV and game consoles have entered thousands of households. Computers have become a common tool for intellectual development since they were learned from dolls. If you touch these appliances for a long time every day, it will cause some damage to your eyes. Invisible electromagnetic radiation occurs on the screens of

TVs, computers and game consoles. Generally, the dose of these rays is very small, which is below the safety range of not damaging human organs. However, if you touch the screen for a long time every day, it will cause certain damage to human eyes, such as conjunctivitis, punctate keratitis and lens opacity.

if the quality of these electrical appliances is poor, the displayed image is not clear, the handwriting is fuzzy, the tone contrast is not soft, the picture is distorted, deformed or flickering, etc., all affect the quality of imaging on the retina, and will cause the normal physiological function of the eye to be maladjusted. At the same time, staring at the screen for a long time can cause fatigue of internal and external muscles of the eye, Easy to cause myopia.

improper placement of TV, computer and game console can also cause fatigue of back muscles and limbs. The midpoint of the screen should be about 20 degrees below the horizontal gaze line. The height of the stool for operating the computer and game console should be based on the free operation of both hands and the natural landing of both feet.

in childhood, the time to watch the screen every day should not exceed two hours. Work in front of the screen for about 45 minutes. You should move indoors for a while to reduce vision and body fatigue. Kindergartens should have diversified learning and game methods. It is not suitable for children to spend in front of the TV during the day and at night.