Children wear glasses prematurely or cause high myopia

 children wear glasses prematurely or cause high myopia

Professor Ji Wanzhong, a vision protection expert of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that children aged 6-14 and in the stage of physical growth and development should not wear glasses prematurely.

“wearing glasses can’t control the decline of eyesight”

“in March this year, I found that children always squint at things. When I went to the hospital for an examination, I already had 150 degrees of myopia. I hurried to equip Honghong with glasses for the second grade.” These days, Honghong’s parents took their children to check their eyesight again and found that the myopia of 150 degrees has now become 250 degrees. The degree of myopia was not controlled, but deepened.

parents wondered: “is the glasses not good, or is it invalid to wear glasses?” The answer given byand

experts is that glasses can only help children see clearly through the optical principle, and have no function of treating myopia. Once children wear glasses, they will have a sense of dependence on it, “use in and waste out”, and the adjustment function of the eyes will gradually lose. As a result, their eyesight will decline sharply and the degree will be deeper and deeper.and

should not wear glasses prematurely before the age of 16. Professor Ji Wanzhong, a vision protection expert at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that children should not wear glasses prematurely for myopia. Professor Ji explained that glasses can solve the problem that children can’t see clearly at present, but the root cause of myopia is ciliary muscle spasm. Because children generally grow up at the age of 18, under the circumstances of heavy homework and excessive eye fatigue caused by watching TV and surfing the Internet, ciliary muscle spasm will continue to deteriorate after glasses, eventually leading to children’s glasses again and again, However, the degree continues to deepen until high myopia. Professor Ji Wanzhong ofand

stressed that 6-14 years old is the child’s development period and the “susceptibility period” of myopia. The eye tissue that has not been fully developed has great plasticity, and children will suffer from myopia if they don’t pay attention. On the contrary, the child’s vision can be restored by improving the eye tissue before the end of the development period. For children aged 6-14 who are in the stage of physical growth and development, the shorter the time of myopia, the younger the age, the shallower the degree and the earlier the improvement, the higher the probability of vision recovery and prevention of decline.

therefore, experts suggest that children under the age of 16 should not match glasses too early. In particular, children with short-term myopia, young age and diopter below 300 degrees should improve their eyesight through scientific adjustment methods.

parents should pay special attention to whether your child has the following signs of myopia:

1 Recent physical examination found that the child’s visual acuity was between 0.6-0.8 or the degree continued to deepen;

  2. Often rub your eyes, increase the frequency of blinking, squint and look at things;

  3. I like to sit forward when watching TV;

  4. Dry and sour eyes, fear of light, tears and other visual fatigue symptoms;

  5. Visual fatigue leads to inattention and decreased academic performance.and

experts warn: be alert to the omen of myopia and take measures as soon as possible. In real life, many parents do not pay enough attention to the problem of myopia aura, do not adjust their children’s eyes in time, and miss the best time to improve their eyesight, which eventually leads to myopia, brings a lifetime of pain to their children, and also brings parents irreparable guilt. “);

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