Children’s myopia: “diet + physical therapy” is the key to rehabilitation

Abstract: Lycium barbarum has the effects of “nourishing the kidney, moistening the lung, tonifying the liver and brightening the eyes”. Pharmacology has proved that it also has the effect of anti fatty liver. For children, a simple medlar porridge is delicious and eye-catching! Not long ago,

Released the preliminary survey results of the research project on the prevention and treatment of children’s myopia jointly carried out by China, the United States and Australia. The data show that the incidence of myopia is 33%, and the incidence rate of myopia among young people is 50%~60%.

In this regard, experts pointed out that the prevention and treatment of myopia is multifaceted. On the basis of daily diet, pay attention to the supplement of some nutrients and cooperate with scientific and harmless physical therapy, which can play a good auxiliary effect in the prevention and treatment of myopia. Today’s Xiaobian will introduce several authoritative food therapy and physical therapy.

Dietotherapy chapter

1. Wolfberry porridge

Eating method: 1 liang of wolfberry and 2 liang of Japonica rice, add water to cook porridge, and then you can eat it. One or two dodder seeds can also be added to the porridge to enhance the effect of nourishing the liver and brightening the eyes.

“Everyone in the world has been learning for a long time, but has not realized it for a long time. I have to learn the simple method of wanqiu, and only eat porridge to the gods.” This is a poem in eating porridge by Lu You, a famous poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, and his health preservation experience. It was his regimen of drinking porridge every day that helped him live to 85 years old.

Medlar have the effects of “nourishing the kidney, moistening the lung, tonifying the liver and brightening the eyes”. Pharmacology has confirmed that it also has the effect of anti fatty liver. For children, a simple medlar porridge is delicious and eye-catching!

2. Consumption method of longan tea

: longan meat + longan core (i.e. longan with core) and an appropriate amount of medlar are boiled into tea with heated water. The longan core does not have to be broken.

Many experts agree with the effect of longan in enhancing vision. Zhang Na, an ophthalmologist of Shanxi Traditional Chinese medicine hospital, introduced that longan contains glucose, sucrose and vitamin A B and other nutrients, which contain more protein, fat and a variety of minerals. These are the nutrients to improve eye food. Longan tea can brighten the eyes and will not have side effects on children.

3. Blueberry

Eating method: fresh blueberries directly eat

Blueberries, which have the functions of preventing brain nerve aging, protecting vision, strengthening heart, anti-cancer, softening blood vessels and enhancing human immunity, which has been recognized.

Japanese biomedical doctor kawaka Nakagawa wrote: medical clinical reports show that anthocyanins in blueberries can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin in retinal cells, prevent myopia and improve vision. Professor walker, PhD supervisor of the University of Toronto and medical doctor of Harvard University, has confirmed that blueberries can prevent myopia and various eye diseases.

In fact, some developed countries have long recognized the effect of blueberries on eye protection and have made great efforts to popularize them. For example, the U.S. Department of education has listed blueberries as a nutritional food for primary and secondary school students to protect their eyes since 2003; Each person is required to eat at least one cup of fresh blueberry fruit or processed products every week.

Physical therapy

1. Bates training method

As early as 1885, Dr. Bates, an American doctor who graduated from Cornell University, discovered this method and carried out clinical practice in New York for 37 years. Bates method is simply a way to correct your eyesight again. Through the self-regulation of human body mechanism, vision can be well corrected or even cured.

Bates training method mainly has the following use cases:

1) Palm massage method: close your eyes, cover your palms with your eyes, completely block the light, and make your eyes feel warm and comfortable for five minutes; Three to five times a day.

2) Blink: after palm massage, blink for dozens of times at the frequency of 2-4 blinks every ten seconds.

3) Eye displacement movement: the target moves from clear to unclear, and moves back and forth for eye displacement movement.

4) Breathing: always pay attention to spontaneous breathing. If it is found that breathing is inhibited by focusing on something, pay attention to returning to normal breathing.

5) Visual training: use the super vision vertical visual training mirror for visual training. Just train the trichromatic nutritional light emitted by the eyes to restore the elasticity of the ciliary muscles of the eyes.

2. TCM acupuncture and Moxibustion

Have inherited for thousands of years, and TCM also has a unique understanding of eye care. There was such a record in the ancient books of traditional Chinese medicine: “opening the orifices in the eyes and hiding the essence in the liver.” (Su Wen Jin Kui Zhen speech) and “the liver receives blood and can see” (Su Wen Wu Zang organs generation chapter) all show that the essence and Qi of the liver pass through the eyes and orifices, and the strength of vision is directly related to the liver.

By stimulating acupuncture points around the eyes, limbs and abdomen, traditional Chinese medicine can dredge meridians and activate collaterals and tonify the Yin blood of liver and kidney. Acupuncture and moxibustion combined with eye massage can improve eye blood circulation, increase eye nutrition and promote vision health.

3. 3D physiotherapy

3D physiotherapy uses the perfect combination of 3D technology and Bates therapy to stimulate children’s eyes in multiple directions, and use favorable stimulation to guide the development of teenagers’ eye organs and functions. Help restore the elasticity of eye muscles, restore the deformed and protrusive eyeballs to normal, and effectively improve vision.

Ms. Liu Baoxia, a postdoctoral in visual psychology at the University of California, USA, is the developer of 3D physical therapy. According to her, compared with other therapies, 3D physical therapy has remarkable effect. After receiving it for 15 minutes, you can watch one or two lines under the visual acuity chart. At the same time, the way of 3D film makes children very interested, has no side effects, and will not affect children’s learning.

At present, the effect of 3D physical therapy has been reported by portal media such as Sina, Netease and Shenzhen Metropolis Daily, and strongly recommended by the “national glasses removal project” initiated by China Youth vision health promotion association.