Chinese massage can drive away eye fatigue

Abstract: we have many acupoints. When we encounter eye fatigue, don’t drop eye drops immediately. You can try massaging these acupoints, which will have magical curative effect. Let’s take you to know it!

head and neck pain and eye fatigue try

at Fengchi point. The weather is cold in winter, and outdoor sports are significantly reduced. Because of lack of exercise or bad indoor air, there are often headaches, neck pain, eye fatigue and so on. Try massage Fengchi point, it will be more comfortable. Location of Fengchi point: it is located in the neck, under the occipital bone, flat with Fengfu point, and the depression between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the upper end of trapezius muscle. Massage method: massage Fengchi point with food and middle finger, press it together with the concave pulp bearing point directly below the lips, and press Shenmen point at the depression in front of the circular small bone at the end of the palm root, which can relax the neck muscles and relieve headache and tension. With both hands pointing to the rib surface, press the Fengchi point tightly, rotate and knead it several times, and then knead the back of the head for about 30 times. It is appropriate to have a sense of acid swelling. This method can be more effective for tranquilizing and hypnosis. You can also use some “lazy ways” – comb your hair. There are many acupoints on the head of the human body. Combing gently from the hairline bun to the top of the head every day helps to relax the whole body. Men should comb their hair more often, because the forehead has a holographic acupoint area corresponding to the prostate, and many acupoints on the head have the effect of regulating spirit and soothing the liver. Massage efficacy: changfengchi point can alleviate the symptoms of headache, head heavy and light feet, eye fatigue, neck pain, pillow, insomnia and so on. I have been working at my desk for a long time and my head is very painful. I can massage this acupoint to relieve it.


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