Chinese medicine has a wonderful way to treat pseudomyopia

Abstract: pseudomyopia and true myopia are very similar. Their common symptom is blurred hyperopia and clear near vision. Fortunately, as long as through reasonable conditioning, pseudomyopia can recover by itself without “surgery and glasses” like true myopia.

Juvenile pseudomyopia is a common disease, which is mainly caused by unscientific eye use. Different from true myopia, pseudomyopia has no corresponding diopter change during optometry. Vision can also be good and bad.

Generally, pseudomyopia can recover by itself, but it must be combined with scientific and reasonable eye use methods. If allowed to develop, then pseudomyopia is likely to develop into true myopia. It usually takes 3-6 months for pseudomyopia to evolve into true myopia, which is a key period for eye recovery.

Traditional Chinese medicine dietotherapy helps restore eyesight

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that myopia is caused by lack of essence and blood and can not be filled in the eyes due to insufficient endowment, fatigue and nerves, weakness of spleen and stomach and deficiency of liver and kidney. In addition, excessive use of eyes leads to blood stasis in the eyes and loss of essence and blood nourishment in the eyes. For pseudomyopia, two dietary prescriptions can be used to regulate it.

Pork liver soup.

Take 100g pig liver, 2 eggs, Douchi, scallion, salt and monosodium glutamate. Wash the pig liver, cut it into pieces, put it into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook it over low heat until the liver is cooked, add black bean and scallion, then add eggs, add salt, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings. Eggs and pig liver are protein rich foods. Pig liver contains more vitamin A, which can nourish the eyes and nourish the liver and eyesight. It is suitable for children and adolescents with pseudomyopia.

Walnut sesame soup.

Put 1500 grams of walnut kernel in the pot, fry over low heat, take it out after frying into a slight yellow, cool and mash it into mud. 500g black sesame, stir fry over low heat, take it out after drying, grind it into fine powder, take a spoonful of walnut mud and black sesame powder, pour it into boiled milk or soybean milk, add a spoonful of honey, mix well and take it once a day. Long term use can not only increase intraocular nutrition, but also enhance the strength of ciliary muscle and the hardness of sclera, so as to prevent the occurrence and deepening of myopia.

Traditional Chinese medicine massage bright eyes

The best method of Chinese medicine for myopia

Take bamboo → pupil → sun → four white → eyesight → round scraping eye socket → center of earlobe → Yiming, Fengchi and other acupoints, press the acupoints with fingertips for local massage, 20-30 times for each acupoint, and cycle massage twice. When massaging, the action should be light, and the strength and speed should be moderate. This method can treat early myopia, pseudomyopia, visual fatigue, blepharospasm and so on.

True and false myopia should be scientifically tested.

Doctors remind that professional eye hospitals can determine whether children are true myopia or false myopia through a series of scientific examination methods such as mydriasis and optometry. If it is pseudomyopia, children need to maintain healthy eye habits, such as doing eye exercises frequently, taking a rest and overlooking when using their eyes for more than 40 minutes, and keeping an appropriate distance when reading and writing. True myopia is a pathological change of fundus, which is difficult to self-regulation and recovery. You need to wear glasses under the guidance of a professional doctor to correct your vision.


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