Computer foresight fatigue can be relieved by massaging four acupoints

Abstract: the survey shows that people who often use computers have a 70% chance of suffering from eye fatigue. With the accelerated pace of study, work and life, the popularization and application of TV and computer, visual fatigue has also become one of the common eye diseases of Chinese white-collar workers.

computer not only brings convenience and fun to people, but also brings great damage to our eyes, especially the white-collar workers who work long hours in front of the computer. The reporter’s investigation found that most people who work in front of the computer for a long time will feel dry and astringent eyes, burning or foreign body. Some people have unstable vision or temporarily blurred vision; Some people have heavy eyelids, eye pain and even headache… After ophthalmic examination, the eyes of this kind of white-collar syndrome have conjunctival congestion, decreased vision, decreased regulation, reduced tear secretion, and high intraocular pressure in severe cases. They are diagnosed as visual fatigue syndrome by ophthalmologists.

the American optometry Association once called this eye syndrome “computer video terminal syndrome”. The survey shows that people who often use computers have a 70% chance of suffering from eye fatigue. With the acceleration of the pace of study, work and life and the popularization and application of TV and computer, visual fatigue has also become one of the common eye diseases of Chinese white-collar workers, and “computer video terminal syndrome” is only a manifestation of visual fatigue.


face the computer every day, and their vision is gradually blurred.


Zhong Hong works as a reporter at a newspaper in Nanning. Her income is paid according to the number and quality of manuscripts. Therefore, she tries her best to write manuscripts to make money. Less than a quarter of the time spent on interviews and more than eight hours on writing, “It takes me about 30 minutes to write a 500 word manuscript, more than two hours to write 1500 words, and more than four hours to write an article with more than 3000 words. Typing words into the computer every day takes me more than eight hours on the computer, and I often stay up late. Recently, I always feel uncomfortable in my eyes, cry at the sight of light, and see things more and more blurred. How is this What’s the matter? ” After the symptoms of


lasted for 2 months, Zhong Hong suspected that she had glaucoma and hurried to the hospital to see the ophthalmology. The doctor told her that she was suffering from visual fatigue syndrome, which was caused by long-term use of computers.

look at the screen for a long time,

“in view of the impact of computer operation on vision, some research results show that continuous operation of the computer for more than 2 hours can reduce the near vision, but after 30 minutes of rest, the vision can return to the normal level. Therefore, fatigue at this stage will not pose a threat to vision, but if it accumulates to a certain extent, it may lead to vision loss.” Hao Xiaobo, vice chairman of Guangxi ophthalmology branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said that there are many factors causing eye fatigue by operating a computer. The most important one is to look at the computer screen for a long time. Under normal circumstances, normal people blink about 20 times a minute. When working with a computer, because they are too focused, the number of blinks per minute will be reduced to about 6 times.

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Hao Xiaobo said that tears not only have the function of disinfection and sterilization, but also have the important function of lubricating the eyeball and maintaining the corneal refractive system. Excessive use of the eye will reduce the secretion of tears, change the composition of tears, and then lead to dry eye disease. If there is too little tear secretion, the cornea will not be moistened all the time, and the whole eye surface will become dry and conjunctival congestion, resulting in corneal damage, eye burning, foreign body and other discomfort, and finally visual confusion, visual fatigue and other symptoms.

in addition, improper posture and distance of operating the computer are also one of the reasons for eye fatigue. If the working distance is too close or the posture is incorrect, and the eyes are too close to the computer screen, especially when using the laptop, because the screen is too small, the user must work close, the head tilts forward and the neck muscles exert force, resulting in work fatigue and eye fatigue. Some computers have been used for too long, the screen brightness decreases and the definition decreases, which will also cause difficulty in reading. The light in the working environment is too strong or too weak, which will also cause a strong contrast between the screen and the outside world, causing irritation to the eyes.


are different from ordinary book reading. The computer screen is a self luminous display. There are changes in brightness, contrast, color, font size and spacing, as well as flickering, poor definition, uneven or unstable brightness, which will have an adverse impact on the visual system. Surrounding environmental factors will also cause dazzling screen and visual confusion.

therefore, the visual stimulation of the self luminous screen comes not only from the computer text, graphics and other information, but also from the special visual stimulation of the luminous body, such as the frequent movement and fixation of the line of sight between the computer, keyboard and other things, sometimes the fixation rate can reach 60% – 80%, resulting in the decline of fixation function and the change of the function of the brain nervous system controlling fixation movement, It will affect the visual efficiency, lead to the aggravation of eye fatigue, such as dry eyes, itching eyes, burning foreign bodies, blurred vision, decreased vision, eye swelling pain, orbital pain and other symptoms. Patients may also have increased myopia and eye fatigue.


visual fatigue syndrome is actually “liver fatigue”,


. Hao Xiaobo introduced that visual fatigue syndrome is a symptom based on the patient’s conscious uncomfortable symptoms of the eyes and affected by a variety of eye diseases, systemic diseases or mental factors. After using the eyes, local eye symptoms such as discomfort or pain around the eyeball and orbit, acid swelling in the nose root or temporal part, fear of light, tears, double vision, etc. often occur. In severe cases, systemic symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, night sweat, pale face, slow movement, neck muscle tension, shoulder pain, and often mental malaise, sleepiness, memory loss Insomnia and other mental symptoms.

in “Introduction to medicine · classification of miscellaneous diseases · eye” points out: “those who read too much and feel pain due to acupuncture are called liver fatigue, but they need to close their eyes for recuperation.” Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the reason why the eye can see everything must rely on the upward perfusion of the essence and Qi of the five Zang and six Fu organs. The heart governs the blood, the liver stores blood, the heart blood is sufficient, the liver blood is prosperous, the liver Qi is up, and the essence and Qi of the five Zang and six Fu organs stored in the kidney can flow through the meridians with the help of the transmission and transportation of the Qi of the spleen and lung