Correct placement of toys can prevent strabismus and amblyopia

Abstract: infant strabismus is a common ophthalmic disease. There are many reasons, among which the position of toys is one of the reasons for infant strabismus.

in order to amuse the newborn baby, young parents often hang colorful toys beside the baby’s bed to cultivate the baby’s aesthetic and color cognitive ability. In fact, they are doing things that harm the baby’s eyesight. According to ophthalmologists: the newborn baby’s eyes are in development. When the baby stares in one direction for a long time, it is extremely easy to become cockfighting eyes or amblyopia.

baby squint toys cause trouble.

babies have imperfect muscle development to regulate eye movement in the first few months of life, and their ability to coordinate the movement of both eyes is poor, while babies like to observe the surrounding things with deep and staring gaze or communicate with their parents and relatives. In addition, in infancy, the baby’s nasal bone was not developed, and the distance between his eyes was close, Young parents always feel that their baby looks like “eye to eye” and “cockfighting eye” (esotropia) when they look at their baby. In fact, this is a temporary normal physiological phenomenon for most babies. Generally, the common gaze ability of the baby’s eyes can develop well after a few months. Parents should understand it correctly and not be misled.

In infancy, if parents do not care enough, it may induce or aggravate strabismus and eye contact. If the child is often only allowed to see one side of the light, the light in the bedroom is too bright, and the child’s body position is often changed; Or hang the toys on the crib or the small lights at home too close, so that children’s eyes often focus on nearby objects, etc.

prevention of strabismus in infancy

pediatricians remind: parents should pay attention to changing the child’s sleeping position to make the light projection direction change frequently. Sleep on the left today and the right tomorrow. Pay attention to switching, so that the child’s eyes can no longer often turn to one side.


according to the characteristics of the baby’s visual development, the child’s visual acuity is enhanced two months after birth and can look at the people and things around him. At this time, if the baby sleeps in the cradle, he can’t set up toys, objects and other things in the space within 1.5 meters from the cradle. Some young mothers often hold a stationary toy at the front and top of the cradle to amuse their children. Because they are very close to the baby’s eyes, the children stare for a long time and their eyes do not move. Therefore, it is easy to form eyes for a long time.

if toys and objects are to be arranged, they must be 1.5 meters away. Instead of just one piece, several pieces should be placed. There should be a certain distance between the two pieces, so that children can look at toys or objects in turn, promote the baby’s eyes to rotate constantly and prevent eye contact.


the baby should not be placed in the cradle for too long. Adults should pick up the baby after a period of time and turn around, so that the child can see the things around and produce curiosity, so as to increase the frequency of eye rotation of the baby.