Cover your eyes quietly — vision training camp

covering your eyes with both hands is a very ancient and effective eye relaxation skill. It can block the light stimulation from the outside world and let the retinal cells rest and relax.

some friends use this method many times when practicing yoga. They know that it helps us to put down the burden of the outside world and adjust the effect of body and mind.


Goodrich mentioned in her works that people in the stone age lay next to bonfires or fire pits, covered their eyes and told dinosaur stories with female companions; The goddess Justitia in ancient Greek mythology, with a balance in one hand and a sword in the other, blindfolded and closed her eyes to identify right and wrong with spiritual observation.


up to now, I have not verified that in ancient times, our ancestors covered their eyes with their hands. If so, I don’t know whether it is to relax or to seek a kind of spiritual comfort.

the method of blindfolded and relaxing your eyes is very simple, which can be done anytime, anywhere.


can cover their eyes with both hands to relax, or cover their friends’ eyes like black skin to help them relax. The specific methods of


are as follows. It is best to record them into MP3 voice format and relax while playing:


when you feel tired eyes, gently close your eyes and rub the palms of your two hands against each other.


when your hands emit heat, gently put them on your eyes and feel a heat flow through your eyelids into your eyes, and then into your brain until the back of your skull.

friends who do not understand the structure of the eyeball can recite the following relaxation induction words:

I feel energy and heat seeping into my eyes, all the tension and pressure in my eyes have disappeared, and the muscles and nerves of my eyes have been relaxed.

I have healthy eyesight. I can see the distance more and more clearly.

my eyes are changing positively. My eyes are very comfortable and relaxed. I feel that my eyes are full of energy.

friends who understand the eye structure can add the names of various parts of the eye and read them in turn to relax the parts:

I feel the muscles and nerves on the eyelid relaxing.

the muscles on my eyeball are relaxing, the upper rectus is relaxing, the inner rectus is relaxing, the lower rectus is relaxing, the lower oblique is relaxing, the outer rectus is relaxing, and the upper oblique is relaxing. Feel comfortable because of relaxation.

my eyes were very wet and tears coated the whole surface of my eyes. I felt the conjunctiva and cornea moist and relaxed, the muscles on the iris relaxed, the crystals relaxed, and the ciliary muscles relaxed.

my eyestrain has been relieved, and my eyes are full of energy.

my vitreous body is relaxing, the nerve cells of the retina are relaxing, the blood vessels of the choroid are relaxing, and the fibers of the sclera are relaxing.

my whole eyeball was relaxed, and the pressure and tension in my eyeball disappeared.

my optic nerve is relaxing and the visual center of the brain is relaxing.

my eyesight has improved and I see things more and more clearly.

PS: eye drops for the treatment of visual fatigue on the market are mixed, but until now there is no suitable and ideal drug. Some experts from


believe that the key is to stay away from the environment and mood that makes you tired, and the key is to adjust, train and relax by yourself.


were made into MP3 induced voice in outpatient service, which were presented to some patients who often suffered from visual fatigue to help them relax their eyes and achieved good results.


hope that friends troubled by visual fatigue can often do this relaxation training, form habits and benefit for a lifetime.

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