Diet to cure myopia with five partial prescriptions

To sort out 5 therapeutic prescriptions for myopia, we hope to give you some reference value:

  1. Eye rehabilitation soup.
Diet to cure myopia with five partial prescriptions

Indications: myopia.

Formula: 10 grams of wolfberry, 3 grams of tangerine peel, 10 pieces of longan meat, 1 spoon of honey.

Usage: tie the wolfberry and orange peel in the gauze, and then put them in the pot together with the longan meat. Add water and boil for half an hour, then take the longan meat and soup, and add honey, and eat them as snacks.

  1. Congee with mutton liver.

Indications: myopia caused by liver blood deficiency.

Formula: one mutton liver, 30g green onion, 30g rice.

Usage: finely cut the liver of sheep and clean the rice. First of all, fry the onion in water and take the juice, add the liver and rice and cook it as porridge. After cooking, add salt and eat properly.

  1. Pig liver soup

Indications: blood does not nourish the liver, hyperopia is weak.

Recipe: 125g pork liver, 15g scallion, 1 egg, black bean sauce.

Usage: cut pork liver into thin slices, remove fibrous roots with scallion, cut into short sections, put it into black bean sauce for soup. When it is cooked, break the eggs, mix the egg yolk, put it into the soup for soup, and take it alone or with meals.

  1. Guiqi Cornus eye

Indications: myopia.

Formula: 15g longan meat, 15g wolfberry fruit, 15g Cornus meat, 1 pair of pig eyes.

Usage: wash pig’s eyes and stew with round cinnamon, wolfberry and cornel.

  1. Pork liver soup with spinach
Pork liver soup with spinach cure myopia

Indications: vision loss.

Formula: 125g spinach, 125g pork liver, cooked lard, ginger, scallion, clear soup, salt, waterbean powder, monosodium glutamate.

Usage: wash spinach, scald for a while in boiling water, remove astringency, cut into sections, cut pork liver into thin slices, mix with salt, monosodium glutamate and water bean powder, pour the clear soup to boil, add the washed ginger, chopped scallion, cooked lard, etc. Cook for a few minutes, put in the pork liver slices and spinach, until the liver slices and spinach are

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