Differences in eye care in different periods of life

Abstract: eyes help us understand external things faster. We have to pay attention to protecting our eyes at all times, and the methods of eye protection are different at different ages. According to the methods suitable for our own age, the effect of eye protection may be more obvious.

when people’s living standards improve, few people pay attention to the topic of food, clothing and warmth, and more people pay attention to their health. Eye health, known as the window of the soul, has attracted much attention. In order to prevent vision loss and various eye diseases, it is necessary to master correct eye care methods at your age.

I. preschool

children aged 1 to 7 are mainly playing. Therefore, in order to protect their eyes, we must pay attention to choosing toys without blades and sharp angles. At the same time, parents and caregivers should often educate their children not to play dangerous games. The reading time line should be sufficient, but they should avoid the strong sunshine, Keep a certain distance between eyes and objects (about 1 meter is appropriate). Cultivate good hygiene habits. Don’t rub your eyes with your fingers and wipe your eyes with someone else’s towel. If children have strabismus, they should go to the hospital for correction in time.

II. School-age children

The main thing is that the posture of reading should be correct, the distance between the book and the eyes should be appropriate, the light should be sufficient, don’t read when walking or riding, and pay attention to the prevention and treatment of eye diseases.

III. adult

adults, all parts of the body have been basically developed and mature, as well as the eyes, so they have a strong adaptability to various environments and conditions. At this time, to protect eyes, we should mainly pay attention to avoiding trauma, and abide by safe operation procedures in all kinds of labor.


should also pay attention to the prevention and treatment of diseases. Those with trachoma should be actively treated to avoid serious development, causing trichiasis, and those who have had iritis should pay attention to preventing cold and cold, so as to avoid continuous recurrence and cataract formation.