Do electronics cause myopia?

Electronic products are not necessarily the root cause of children’s myopia or myopia deepening, but in the process of children’s myopia development, the role of electronic products can not be underestimated. More than 70% of myopia occurs in the stage of puberty. In addition to some genetic factors, most children suffer from myopia due to premature overuse of eyes, and a considerable part is addicted to electronic products.

Do electronics cause myopia?

Due to the frequent flicker of screen brightness and visual distance, in order to see the screen text, graphics and other information, the eye’s regulatory muscles, especially ciliary muscles, must exercise frequently. After a long time, the ciliary muscles will be tired (i.e. asthenopia) or ciliary muscle spasm, resulting in accommodative myopia. If not prevented and treated in time, it will soon become true myopia.


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