Do you know how harmful myopia is?

Abstract: myopia is hereditary. The probability of high myopia of both parents and children is more than 80%. He suffers from myopia and is easy to pass on heavy glasses to his children.

believes that many people have the same feeling. More than half of people wear glasses on College and middle school campuses. Incidence rate incidence rate of myopia in China is around 450 million, and the number of people with high myopia is around 30 million, while the incidence of myopia among high school students and college students is over 70%. The incidence of myopia among young people in the world is the highest in the world, according to the National Health vision report released by Peking University’s China Health Development Research Center, Peking University. Many people think that myopia is just that they can’t see clearly. However, myopia is very harmful, especially for teenagers.

seven crimes of myopia

1 blinding factors. Above 600 degrees is high myopia. High myopia is easy to cause a series of complications, such as glaucoma, which is the first killer of blindness. Compared with ordinary people, high myopia may also produce retinal detachment, maculopathy, vitreous opacity, posterior scleral staphyloma and other potential threats that may cause blindness.

2 affects the performance. The optic nerve is an extension of the brain nerve. When the eyes are tired, the brain also suffers. Myopia without timely correction, headache, dizziness and inattention lead to the decline of teenagers’ academic performance.

3 academic limitations. After ten years of hard study, he was rejected from the ideal university because of the limitation of his major with vision problems. Military academies, national defense, public security and conscription all fail to meet the standards. This is the third crime of myopia.


4 are handed down from generation to generation. Myopia is hereditary. Both parents are highly myopic, and the probability of children’s myopia is more than 80%. He suffers from myopia and is easy to pass on heavy glasses to his children.

5 dry eyes. Heavy eyelids, sore eyes and orbital pain are the pain and burden of myopia.

6 restricted movement. Basketball, football, swimming, etc. It’s inconvenient to wear glasses. You can’t see clearly when you take off your glasses. Myopia has become a pain in the hearts of teenagers with developed sports cells.

7 appearance is damaged. Everyone has a love of beauty. Wearing glasses, no matter how big and beautiful your eyes are, you basically bid farewell to the beautiful words such as “electric eye”, different gods, bright eyes and Phoenix eyes, and may be replaced by “dead fish eye”.