Do you know how to restore myopia?

Abstract: do you know how myopia can restore vision? Although myopia has been damaged to a certain extent, patients should also pay attention to relevant nursing measures, which can relatively control the degree of eyes, do not deepen further, and it is possible to restore a certain degree of vision.

myopia often makes people feel very uncomfortable. If the degree is deeper, a friend may not be able to recognize the gender of men and women within one meter, and only a faint back can be seen one meter away. How big is this cup? Do you know how to restore eyesight for myopia?


myopia can recover their eyesight through the following training methods:


first stand on a lawn 10 meters away, concentrate, stare at the front for 20 seconds, carefully observe the general structure of grass leaves, and then put the left palm in front of their eyes. This is to observe the fingerprint on the receiving palm. After about 5 seconds, Stare at the green grass in the distance for 15 seconds. Sit repeatedly for several times. Insist on doing it at least once a day. For those with severe myopia, add it several times. Take the lawn as the reference. This is because the wave of grass is relatively short, which can reduce the adjustment of eyes and relax muscles.


are followed by multi turn eyeballs, which can improve myopia. Close your eyes and hold your cheeks with both hands. The eyeballs start to rotate clockwise according to the circular track from the left, and then rotate counterclockwise according to the above method for about 6 times. After that, you will feel clear when looking at things in the distance, and your colleagues’ eyes will feel much more comfortable.

the third is to lie on your back in bed, close your eyes, gently massage Tianying acupoint under your eyebrows, then massage Qingming acupoint on the inside of your eyes at the root of your nose, and finally at your own Sibai acupoint and temple. In the process of massage, pay attention to moderate strength, accurate acupoints and gentle manipulation until you feel acid swelling on your body.

myopic patients should pay attention to the following aspects in life:

1. Put an end to looking too close for a long time, such as reading and homework.

2. Strengthen outdoor sports. It requires two hours of outdoor exercise every day, including running, playing ball, martial arts, swimming, gymnastics, etc. Note: outdoor sports can improve physical fitness, physical health and immunity; Similarly, strengthening exercise will improve the ability to resist myopia. And outdoor sports, the eyes can look far and enhance the sensitivity of the eyes.

3. Do telescopic eye adjustment training, including: prevention and treatment of myopia, training exercises, turning eyes, often measuring eyesight, and often looking up at distant targets. Note: turn your eyes, 2 seconds / circle, 60 circles clockwise and counterclockwise respectively, increase blood circulation, test your eyesight, improve your ability to see far, and exercise your eye sensitivity twice a day.

4. Develop the best sitting posture, that is, keep your chest straight, read and write with your arms, and hold your pen correctly. Note: keeping your chest and arms straight is mainly to keep the distance between your eyes and the desktop when reading and writing. Incorrect pen holding posture will cause incorrect eye position. Parents should often supervise their children.

5. Correct bad habits: including lowering your head, lying down, watching things, sleeping late, taking a long nap, leaning your head, squinting, playing with computers, and watching TV for a long time. Although the eyesight of


myopia has been damaged to a certain extent, patients should also pay attention to relevant nursing measures, which can relatively control the degree of eyes, do not deepen further, and it is possible to restore certain eyesight.


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