Do you know these misunderstandings after wearing glasses for so long?

Abstract: some office workers always use the same pair of glasses, which is a wrong practice. Glasses should be changed frequently, because with the change of age, people’s pupil spacing will also change. If they don’t change glasses at any time, it is also bad for vision.

paper towel for wiping glasses? Just sleep when your eyes are tired? What are the unknown misunderstandings about wearing glasses?

Wipe the glasses


with tissue paper, toilet paper and glasses cloth. In life, we can often see such people who breathe on the lens when the glasses are dirty, and then pick up the paper towel and wipe them. This method is wrong. There are very small particles on the lens. If you dry wipe it with facial tissue paper, toilet paper or spectacle cloth, it is likely to wipe the lens.


suggest that the lens should be washed directly with tap water to remove the attached dust when cleaning the lens daily; Wash your hands and squeeze some liquid detergents such as detergent and hand sanitizer on your fingers; Keep water on the lens and clean it after applying detergent on the lens; Wash the foam off the lens with a small flow of water. After


are cleaned, it is recommended not to wipe them with spectacle cloth or toilet paper. They can be dried naturally. If they are in a hurry, they can be dipped gently with facial tissue paper. Cleaning lenses requires water, which is a restrictive factor. Water can wash away the small particles and dust on them. When wiping the water dry, try not to directly rub the glasses, and avoid scraping with sharp hard objects.

2. Is it enough to have a pair of glasses?

some office workers always use the same pair of glasses, which is a wrong practice. Glasses should be changed frequently, because with the change of age, people’s pupil spacing will also change. If they don’t change glasses at any time, it is also bad for vision.

what should you pay attention to when wearing glasses?

(1) the material of the lens should be light and thin, with high transmittance and refractive index, wear resistance and not easy to break.

(2) those who wear glasses for a long time can choose safety lenses.

(3) For those with high astigmatism, in order to achieve accurate axiality, it is better not to choose a circular frame, but to use a square frame.

(4) presbyopic glasses should be glass with high light transmittance.

(5) for those with high myopia whose binocular parallax exceeds 250 degrees or 600 degrees, the frame should be mainly small circular.

(6) keep the lens clean at any time. It is best to wipe the lens with a spectacle cloth.

(7) glasses for distance viewing and close viewing should be matched separately.

III. eyes will deform after wearing glasses for a long time?

For people who wear glasses, the biggest worry is that the degree of glasses will be deeper and deeper, or the eyes will be deformed after wearing glasses for a long time.

in fact, wearing frame glasses for a long time will not cause exophthalmos, but myopia itself will cause exophthalmos. Simple myopia, especially medium and low myopia below 600 degrees, generally does not show eye protrusion, but high myopia above 600 degrees is mostly axial myopia, that is, with the increase of myopia degree, the eye axis becomes longer, the greater the myopia degree, the longer the eye axis, which generally extends backward. When it is high to a certain extent, there will be eye protrusion and deformation.

why do myopic patients feel their eyes deformed?

this is because wearing frame glasses all year round oppresses the bridge of the nose. After taking off the glasses, it will give people an illusion of eyeball protrusion. After taking off the glasses for a period of time, this illusion should disappear. Myopia patients wear glasses, which helps to correct myopia and is not easy to deepen the degree.

4. Buy a bottle of eye drops to relieve eye discomfort

many people go to the drugstore to buy an eye drop when their eyes are uncomfortable, especially when their eyes are dry, itchy and red. This practice is not advocated because they feel that their eyesight has not been greatly affected.


have a wide variety of eye diseases. Most eye drops on the market are anti fatigue, dry and anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs may not solve your eye problems.

on the contrary, because long-term use of such drugs will delay treatment and aggravate the disease. Moreover, long-term use of unnecessary eye drops, such as antibiotic eye drops, may cause disorder of normal flora of conjunctival sac, conditional pathogen infection, or drug resistance, affecting the normal application effect of such drugs.

wrong medication may induce glaucoma! The long-term application of hormone eye drops in


may lead to the occurrence of “corticosteroid glaucoma”. This kind of glaucoma is often difficult to find in time and is not diagnosed as glaucoma until the late stage. The optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma is irreversible. Some patients are blind due to the long-term use of hormone eye drops.

moreover, many eye drops sold on the market contain preservatives. Long term use can not only damage the corneal epithelium, but also seriously damage the conjunctival goblet cells, leading to the occurrence of dry eye.