Does high myopia cause cataracts?

Can high myopia cause cataracts?

Myopia and cataract are two different diseases. Generally speaking, these two diseases do not interact with each other, myopia will not lead to cataract.

Does high myopia cause cataracts?

However, there is an exception, when the degree of myopia is very high, such as more than 1000 degrees, then it may cause concurrent cataract, which refers to the change of lens quality caused by high myopia, and then cataract symptoms appear.

This kind of condition is not uncommon in Ophthalmology, especially in the ultra high myopia. When this happens, it is necessary to go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination,

Can myopia cause cataracts?

Studies have shown that 70% of people with myopia, when they reach a certain age, are 2 to 5 times more likely to have cataracts than normal people. Long term computer operation, work and life pressure, bad living habits, lead to the eye resistance to the outside world, easy to infect the risk of cataract.

Many scholars have pointed out that high myopia can lead to the occurrence of cataract, which will cause lens opacity. The higher the myopia is, the higher the probability of cataract will increase.

High myopia, fundus will appear pathological changes in the retina, eye blood supply are relatively poor, over time, will cause local necrosis of the fundus, so usually still pay attention to eye maintenance.

To sum up, myopia is not terrible, the terrible thing is that there is no timely treatment, evolved into high myopia, then the probability of suffering from cataract will be greatly increased, timely treatment is the key, forming good living habits is the fundamental to prevent disease

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