Does myopia cause genetic?

Many people began to worry, myopia will not be inherited to their next generation. Many people even blacklist myopia when they choose to marry. Ophthalmologists say that myopia has a certain genetic probability, but different types of myopia and environmental changes will affect this result, not all myopia will occur genetic.

Does myopia cause genetic

The following three factors may increase the genetic probability of myopia

  1. Myopia degree

Experts say that in general, if both parents are highly myopic, then the chances of children inheriting myopia will be greater. And if both parents are moderate to low myopia, then the probability of genetic myopia will be relatively small.

  1. Types of myopia

According to the types, myopia can be divided into simple myopia and pathological myopia.

As a result of learning, reading books and other acquired myopia known as simple myopia, this myopia genetic probability is relatively small. However, myopia caused by some congenital factors, combined with high degree, reaching 800-900 ° and accompanied by vitreous floating objects, macula and other phenomena, is called pathological myopia in medicine. Pathological myopia can lead to axial growth, which increases the genetic risk.

  1. Vision of both sides

Under the same environmental conditions, if both parents are myopia, then the child’s genetic myopia will be more likely.

Another is that if both parents are short-sighted, they may like to read very much and like to be indoors. This behavior may also give these children such behavior, and the incidence of myopia will be high, so it may be caused by a kind of behavior.

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