Does myopia cause tiredness?

The main reason for eye fatigue is ciliary muscle stiffness. As long as you are in a state of rigidity and do not use your eyes excessively, you will feel tired easily.

Does myopia cause tiredness?

In addition to being unable to see distant objects clearly, most people with myopia are also prone to visual fatigue. Because, often squint the eyes to see things, will make the extraocular muscles, ciliary muscles excessive tension, easy to cause eye fatigue. Sometimes in order to see the font, like to put the book very close, so more heavy eye adjustment, promote the development of myopia.

Visual fatigue is one of the common symptoms of myopia, especially in low myopia patients, but not as obvious as hyperopia. It is caused by the disharmony between regulation and set. Because the fixation target is too close to the eye, the collective effect can not cooperate with it. Therefore, monocular fixation is often used in high myopia, but vision fatigue will not be caused.

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