Does myopia cure drug now?

For a long time, drug research on myopia has never stopped,

As early as the 1970s, experts found that atropine can effectively prevent and treat juvenile myopia, but it has the side effects of pupil dilation, decreased accommodation, fear of light and blurred vision, so the use of atropine is limited.

myopia cure drug now

People have been hoping that there is a drug that can prevent myopia, but also does not produce near blurred and fear of light side effects.

Recently, medical experts found that pirenzepine, a drug for the treatment of gastric ulcer, has such effect, which is called selective M receptor blocker, but it is still in the development stage. Raceanisodamine, which has been used in clinical practice, has a certain M receptor selection effect. Its effect is similar to atropine, but its side effects are much smaller than atropine. It can also relax ciliary muscle and expand microvessels, and improve visual fatigue.

There is no medicine for true myopia. Only pseudomyopia can be treated with eye drops that relax the ciliary muscles, such as low concentration atropine eye drops, or eye drops to relieve visual fatigue.

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