Does severe myopia cause blindness?

If the eye appears high myopia, such as more than 1000 degrees of myopia, It is likely to lead to blindness.

Does severe myopia cause blindness?

The cause of blindness is mainly due to the high degree of myopia, high myopia fundus lesions, serious cases such as macular splitting, macular hemorrhage, retinal hole, retinal detachment, these diseases will cause a sharp decline in vision, and this decline is usually irreversible, even after surgery, vision is difficult to return to normal.

Therefore, for high myopia or to pay attention to, at ordinary times must maintain a reasonable habit of using eyes, control the speed of myopia development, myopia degree only control slower, will not bring greater side effects.

In addition, to do regular fundus examination in the hospital, early detection of problems, early intervention, can avoid the occurrence of serious complications.

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