Does sleep cure myopia reliable?

Abstract: corneal shaping lens is a hard contact lens with inverse geometric design. It only needs to be worn at night. After it is removed in the morning, it can obtain clear naked vision without wearing any glasses during the day.

in recent years, the idea of correcting myopia while sleeping has attracted the attention of many adolescent myopia patients and parents. However, some people doubt that this method is reliable? In fact, this method of correcting myopia in sleep exists, but it must be through some specific means, which is the use of corneal plastic lens.


corneal shaping lenses are hard contact lenses with inverse geometric design. They only need to be worn when sleeping at night. After they are removed in the morning, they can obtain clear naked eye vision without wearing any glasses during the day. This highly oxygen permeable lens can gently and painlessly massage and shape the elastic cornea, so that the central part of the cornea tends to be flat, so as to change the refractive state of myopia, improve far vision and improve visual quality. And can effectively control the development of juvenile myopia.

of course, the corneal shaping lens is not suitable for all people with myopia. It has very strict requirements for the degree of myopia astigmatism and corneal morphology of patients. Moreover, this kind of lens belongs to three types of medical devices. It can be successfully matched only after detailed inspection and trial wearing in the formal optometry center.