Does sunlight reverse myopia?

Look directly at the sun two years cure myopia? Experts say there is no scientific basis

After watching the sun for two years, I actually “cured” my myopia. At noon on September 28, Mr. Jiang, a citizen of Jimo, told reporters that he had cured myopia for more than 20 years through this method. For this kind of treatment, experts in the eye hospital think that there is no scientific basis, only serious damage to the eyes.

Does sunlight reverse myopia?

On September 28, Mr. Jiang, 42, introduced to reporters that he was 300 degrees nearsighted when he was 16, and he usually wore glasses. In 2009, I heard that seeing the sun can cure myopia, so I want to try it. “First, I began to see from the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening without dazzling, and gradually over to the dazzling sunlight. After more than 1 hour of training to see the most dazzling sunlight in summer directly, my myopia returned to normal vision. It was tested a few days ago and vision returned to 1.5. “

At about 12:40 that day, Mr. Jiang looked directly at the sun for more than 10 minutes without blinking once. Afterwards, the object can be seen normally without any rest. The reporter casually pointed to the road sign more than 30 meters away and asked him. Mr. Jiang replied like a stream.

Experts said: “there is no scientific basis for treating myopia by looking at the sun. It is possible that the degree of myopia will decrease due to long-term exercise, but at the same time, it must be accompanied by other diseases. It is precisely because of the eye diseases that the degree of myopia happens to decrease, leading to the patient mistakenly thinking that the effect of treating myopia is achieved by looking at the sun.”

In addition, the reason why people blink when they look at the sun is usually because the lens is dried and astringent. They need to be lubricated and protected by blinking. There are a large number of nerve cells on the cornea. If they can not blink for a long time, they are likely to be necrotic and pathological.

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