Does vr cause myopia?

Whether wearing VR glasses will cause myopia is related to the length of time used. In addition to some patients who have certain heredity, most of them are caused by bad habits of using eyes.

Does vr cause myopia

When the eye is in a relaxed state, the ciliary muscle relaxes and has a normal blinking effect of at least 15-20 times per minute. In the use state, the ciliary muscle will have a certain regulatory effect. In a tense state, the blinking effect will be significantly reduced due to high concentration of attention. In principle, visual fatigue symptoms will appear after more than 40 minutes. If long-term visual fatigue occurs, myopia will occur.

Moderate use of VR glasses itself will not cause visual fatigue and develop into myopia. During the use of VR glasses, we should pay attention to 40 minutes of rest and 10 minutes of eye rest. In principle, we should not use more than two hours a day, and buy products from regular manufacturers.

Generally speaking, the configuration of VR glasses is mainly built-in two convex lenses. The lens is 2-3cm in front of the eyes, the screen is 3-6cm away from the lens, and the virtual image is 25cm-50cm in front of the eyes. And the factor that affects eyesight is that the eye focuses on the near place for a long time, such as reading a book. If the time goes by, the resilience ability of lens will disappear, and then myopia will become. However, most of the VR content focus is far away, so there is no effect on myopia. However, the current hardware equipment is not perfect, so it may be fatigue after a long time.

In addition, poor quality VR glasses will cause more damage to the eyes. Before that, a senior game player spent dozens of yuan to buy VR glasses, often wearing them for a long time to play games. Every time I pick it off, I feel my eyes are blooming and I feel dizzy. What’s more, he had a myopia of 100 degrees, which has increased by 50 degrees in just half a month, so now he has given up using VR glasses.

VR glasses will not cause myopia, but the premise is reasonable use.

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