Don’t know! Uncover five rumors about treating myopia!

Abstract: it is said that there is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that can treat myopia, By rotating the eyes (each time, the eyes should reach the limit as much as possible), exercise eye muscles, improve vision and treat myopia.

how to restore vision is the most relevant problem for many myopia patients and parents. Are those traditional Chinese medicine eye turning methods on the Internet reliable? Let’s see what experts say.



have a magic recipe for treating myopia, which can reduce myopia from 1000 degrees to 200 degrees, The method is to make tea with longan meat + longan core (i.e. longan with core) and medlar, and drink it every day for two months.


Expert: longan and medlar are effective in traditional Chinese medicine and can’t treat myopia. ” He pointed out that true myopia is generally caused by the lengthening of the eye axis, which is a structural change of the eye. Eating can not shorten the eye axis, and it is impossible to reverse myopia. Therefore, the statement that myopia is reduced from 1000 degrees to 200 degrees is unreliable.


it is said that there is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that can treat myopia, By turning the eyes (each time, the eyes should reach the limit as far as possible), exercise the eye muscles, improve vision and treat myopia.

experts: the eye turning method is invalid for the treatment of myopia, and all methods such as traditional Chinese medicine massage, acupuncture and moxibustion can not solve myopia (true myopia) problem. These methods can only improve eye fatigue or treat other eye diseases (such as hyperopia, amblyopia, etc.). If myopia is treated with the above methods, it is easy to cause sufficient blood in the eyes due to excessive stimulation and conditioning. If the problem of near sight is not avoided, it will accelerate the development of myopia.

  3. Myopia therapeutic instrument restores eyesight

after children’s myopia, many parents will buy myopia therapeutic instrument to save their children’s eyesight.


experts: at present, none of the widely publicized myopia therapeutic instruments in the market has passed the certification of the State Food and drug administration, and there is no clinical data to prove the effect of treating myopia. These myopia therapeutic instruments only massage the acupoints around the eyes, so as to alleviate the degree. As for the cases of successful recovery of vision through myopia therapeutic instrument publicized by businesses, these patients may not be true myopia, but pseudomyopia. Pseudomyopia is caused by intraocular ciliary muscle spasm. Even without special treatment, as long as we reduce the near sight time and do more outdoor sports, we can reduce ciliary muscle spasm to varying degrees, reduce myopia and improve vision.

  4. Take off glasses to treat myopia

people proposed to take off glasses after myopia, and the degree decreased from 400 to 200. After wearing glasses, the eyesight can be corrected, but after adaptation, the degree of myopia will continue to deepen. Therefore, it is necessary to do the opposite. Take off the glasses so that the eyes can never see clearly, which can play the role of exercising eyesight, gradually improve eyesight and even restore eyesight.


experts: it is not credible not to wear glasses after myopia. Ophthalmology has proved that after the development of the eyeball at the age of 6, the vision is like a certain model of camera and telescope. The parameters have been set, and there is no growth potential. Therefore, after suffering from myopia, it is impossible to exercise normal vision. Even if there is, it is only the illusion after the recovery of pseudomyopia, and more people, in the case of decreased vision, do not wear glasses to correct, and the degree will be deeper and deeper.


it is said that closing your eyes to the sun and allowing light to pass through the eyelids can stimulate the growth of cells in the eyes, so as to treat myopia.


experts: this statement is incorrect. Close your eyes and shine on the sun, not only can’t treat myopia, but also may stimulate the deepening of myopia. Although the eyes are closed, because the eyelids are very thin, part of the light can reach the eyes through the skin. The eyes do not relax and will automatically adjust. For a long time, it will cause the eye axis to become longer and deepen myopia. In addition, looking at the sun with eyes will also increase the risk of a variety of ophthalmic diseases, such as cataract and macular degeneration. Looking directly at strong sunlight can also cause corneal damage and cause electro-optic ophthalmia. True myopia of


is irreversible. At present, there is no possibility of cure. We can’t blindly believe the online statement of treating myopia, So we can only restore our eyesight through food. So what do you eat?

foods that help restore eyesight

1. Foods rich in protein

such as lean meat, poultry, animal viscera, fish, shrimp, milk, eggs, beans, etc. are rich in protein, and protein is the main component of cells. Protein needs to be continuously supplemented for tissue repair and renewal, Foods containing vitamin A are also beneficial to the eyes. When vitamin A is lacking, the adaptability of the eyes to the dark environment decreases, and when it is serious, they are prone to night travel.

2. Foods rich in vitamin a

vitamin A can also prevent and treat dry eye disease. Long term lack of vitamin A can eliminate eye fatigue. You should take enough vitamin A every day. The best source of vitamin A is the liver, cod liver oil, milk and eggs of various animals, plant foods, such as carrots, amaranth, spinach, leek, green pepper, red heart sweet potato, and carotene in oranges, apricots, persimmons and other fruits.

3. Foods containing vitamin C

foods containing vitamin C are also beneficial to the eyes. Vitamin C is one of the components of ocular lens. If you lack vitamin C, you are prone to cataract with turbid lens. Therefore, we should pay attention to the intake of foods rich in vitamin C in our daily diet, such as all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially green pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, fresh jujube, raw pear and orange.

4. Calcium rich food

rich calcium powder is also good for eyes. Calcium can eliminate eye tension. For example, beans, green leafy vegetables and shrimp skin are rich in calcium. Braised pork chopsBone soup, Squirrel Fish, sweet and sour ribs and other cooking methods can increase the content of calcium. It is hoped that young parents will give their children more food beneficial to their eyes and promote their children’s healthy growth. Rumors on


are always miraculous. Don’t believe them easily!