Don’t let your eyes cause “drought”

Abstract: the eye is actually a “water ball”, which needs enough tears to ensure its health. In life, watching the screen for a long time, staying in the air-conditioned room, blowing fans and wearing contact lenses will accelerate the evaporation of tears and make the eyes in a “dry” state, resulting in eye diseases such as dry eye.

looked up and dropped various drops into their eyes to keep their eyes moist, which seems to have become a silhouette of the eye condition of office people. A survey shows that the proportion of dry eye symptoms in these people is close to 100%. To solve the “drought” in our eyes, we must first distinguish whether we encounter a temporary “small water shortage” or a long-term “drought”.

find the cause

see if you often encounter the following situations and preliminarily judge the risk index of “water shortage” in your eyes:

computer: looking at the screen closely for a long time

visual fatigue is one of the important causes of dry eye symptoms. At present, many people cannot work without computers, and their entertainment time is inseparable from video terminals such as PSP. Because they stare at the screen closely for a long time, they directly lead to less blinking times, excessive evaporation of tears and aggravation of dry eye symptoms.


air conditioners: open for a long time with poor ventilation.


at present, air conditioners are basically installed in offices, which leads to poor ventilation and low air humidity, and various computers, printers and copiers in the office will emit heat, making the environment more and more dry. In this office environment, the tear layer will evaporate very quickly and become an important inducement for the occurrence of dry eye symptoms.


contact lenses: improper wearing of “long-term overtime”,


contact lenses is a “foreign body” for the eyes, and the eyes will naturally not adapt, which will often lead to dry eye symptoms; On the other hand, many people don’t pay attention to the correct methods when wearing contact lenses, so that they “work overtime for a long time” and even sleep with them. This can easily lead to ocular surface inflammation, stimulate the accessory lacrimal glands on the ocular surface, reduce tear secretion and dry eye symptoms.

drought prevention

experts believe that in order to keep the eyes watery, we must strengthen prevention in life:

life should be regular and sleep should be sufficient.

can effectively alleviate visual fatigue and reduce dry eye symptoms caused by visual fatigue. Pay attention to nutrition, reasonable diet, drink more water and eat more vitamin rich foods, such as carrots and other vegetables and fruits, so as to avoid the symptoms of dry eyes caused by vitamin A deficiency.

set a small alarm clock to blink more when watching the computer.

when reading and using the computer for a long time, you should appropriately increase the number of blinks, rest your eyes for at least 5 ~ 10 minutes every 1 hour, and do eye exercises to help reduce eye fatigue. Office workers should set regular reminders on computer screens and other places, and remind them to rest when working in front of the computer for 1 ~ 2 hours. The brightness of the display should not be too bright, but can be adjusted to half of the maximum brightness, so as to see the content clearly but slightly darker than the surrounding objects. When operating the computer or watching TV, maintain the most appropriate posture, make your eyes look straight or slightly look down at the computer or TV screen, minimize the area of your eyes exposed to the air and reduce the evaporation of tears. Don’t blow


eyes at the air outlet. Wear less


contact lenses. Try to reduce the time and frequency of wearing contact lenses. Don’t face the wind blown by the air conditioner or the fan. The wind blown by the air conditioner or fan will take away the water on the eye surface, increase the evaporation of tears and speed up the drying of eyes. Use air humidifier to increase indoor air humidity and avoid dry eye symptoms caused by too dry air.

drought resistance

wet and hot towels apply to your eyes and do eye exercises

when you have dry symptoms after using your eyes for a long time, you can close your eyes and do eye exercises. You can also apply a damp hot towel to your eyes for 15 minutes each time. By doing eye exercises and applying wet and hot towels to both eyes, we can enhance eye blood circulation, improve nerve function, promote tear secretion and alleviate dry eye symptoms.