Effective method to eliminate “goldfish eye”

Abstract: puffy eyes, commonly known as goldfish eyes, also known as pouch, are common after going to bed and getting up. General eyelid edema, but no pain and abnormal vision, occasional conjunctival congestion, which can be quickly eliminated by manipulation. The following factors should be excluded before


1 Acute infection of eyelid tissue (eyelid abscess, erysipelas and eyelid adenitis).

  2. Allergic reactions (caused by insect bites or paint, cosmetics, food and drugs).

  3. Edema caused by systemic diseases (nephropathy and heart disease, old-age deficiency, malnutrition or vascular edema, etc.).

traditional Chinese medicine believes that factors such as old age, physical deficiency, malnutrition, lack of sleep, overwork and eye fatigue cause weakness of Qi and blood, stagnation of water and dampness in the eyes, resulting in eyelid edema after getting up. Generally, after a little activity after getting up, the operation of Qi and blood will speed up, and the eyelid deficiency and swelling will gradually subside and recover as usual. Massage can increase Qi and blood circulation and help prevent eyelid edema.

massage manipulation

1 After rubbing the palms of both hands against the thenar, rub the eyelids from inside to outside until there is a slight heat in the local area. The force should be soft to help reduce the deficiency and swelling.

  2. Twist the eyebrow center 30 times.

  3. Wipe the eyebrow bow, place the thumb thread surface of both hands at the Yintang point in the center of the two eyebrows, and move along the eyebrow bow from inside to outside to the top of the eyebrow. The operation shall be close to the skin, and the force shall be light but not floating, heavy but not stagnant, 50 times.

  4. Press the foot three miles 30 times.

  5. Plantar heat drying method: aim the electric hair dryer at the Yongquan point of the sole of the foot, the center of the foot and the third toe (foot Shu). Only move away when the blowing part has a burning feeling. After some time, the burning decreases slightly, and then blow again for 15 minutes. This method is simple and easy, which is equivalent to moxibustion therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. It can not only prevent eye diseases, eye fatigue and insomnia, but also be used as a necessary health care therapy every day.


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