Effective nursing methods for myopia

Abstract: for many people with myopia in our life, it is very distressing to wear glasses all the time, so how can we effectively care for myopia? Let’s have a look. There are still many patients with

myopia, and there is a general trend of younger age. In the face of so many people with myopia, do we have any better ways to care for our own eyes every day? Let’s learn something about it.

1. Turn your eyes

choose a quiet place, or sit or stand, relax your whole body, eliminate distractions, open your eyes, keep your head and neck motionless, and turn your eyes alone. First gaze directly below, slowly turn to the left, then turn to the top of the gaze, to the right, and finally return to the bottom of the gaze. In this way, first turn clockwise for 9 turns. Then turn your eyes from staring down, to the right, to the top, to the left, and then back to the bottom. In this way, turn 6 times counterclockwise. Four times in total. Every time you turn, the eyeball should reach the limit as much as possible. This blink method can exercise eye muscles, improve nutrition, and make eyes flexible and bright.

2. Eye breathing and concentration method

choose a place with fresh air, or sit or stand, relax the whole body, look straight ahead, slowly absorb the air, slowly open your eyes, stop for a moment, then slowly exhale the air, and slowly close your eyes for 9 times.


3. Eye ironing method


are best done by sitting and relaxing. Close your eyes, and then rub your hands quickly to make them hot. Cover your eyes with your hands while you are hot. After the heat is dispersed, you can quickly open your hands. Both eyes also open with strength. This 3-5 times can promote the blood circulation of eyes and promote metabolism.

4. Eye washing

first disinfect the washbasin, pour in warm water, adjust the water temperature, put your face into the water, open your eyes in the water, move your eyes up, down, left and right for 9 times, and then rotate them clockwise and counterclockwise for 9 times. At first, when water enters the eyes, the eyes are very uncomfortable, but with the rotation of the eyes, the eyes will slowly feel very comfortable. When doing this, if you feel difficult to breathe, you might as well lift your face from the basin and take a deep breath outside. This method can wash away harmful substances and dust in eyes, is also effective for mild cataract, and can improve the degree of ametropia of astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia.


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