Eight steps for myopia rehabilitation

step 1 Standing still and Nourishing Qi: standing still, legs separated and shoulder width, hands naturally drooping, head and neck straight, chest not stiff, knees slightly bent, eyes slightly closed, and willing to guard the elixir field for 5 minutes.

step 2 Dantian opening and closing: connect the pose, lift the elbows with both hands, and the palm is as high as Dantian. The two palms are closed slowly and opened slowly (the palms must be opposite). The two eyes are slightly closed, one closed and one opened for one time, 18 ~ 36 times in total, so as to guard the Lao palace acupoints of the two palms.

step 3 Front and back Qi penetration: connect the pose, put the palms in front of the chest, turn the palms to align the palms with the eyeballs, and do a horizontal front and back Qi penetration action (the palms must align with the eyeballs when pulling the Qi back and forth). Do it 18 ~ 36 times in total. A stream of true Qi is sent out from Laogong point and penetrates the eyes.

step 4 Left and right rotation of Qi: connect the upper pose, pull the palms of both hands to 5cm in front of your eyes, aim the Laogong acupoint of both hands at the eyeball, take the eyeball as the center, first turn the palms from left to right (clockwise) for 36 times, and then turn the palms from right to left (counterclockwise) for 36 times to guard the eyeball.

step 5 Qi fumigation for eyes: in the above pose, slowly lower your hands to your chest, rub your hands, and immediately place your hands on your eyes. Your eyes are slightly closed, and your hands are hollow, so that the Qi in the palm fumigates your eyes for about 3 minutes. You want your eyesight to return to normal, and the Qi is connected with your eyes.

step 6 Eye movement and eye rotation: connect the upper type, open your eyes slowly, move your hands down slowly, place them naturally on the side of the body, and then move your eyes (that is, rotate your eyes 18 times to the left and 18 times to the right when you open your eyes).

step 7 Rubbing eyes and washing face: connect the above type, close your eyes gently, press and knead your eyes (from inner canthus to outer canthus) with the radial side of thenar of your two palms for 3 ~ 6 times, and then gently rub your face up and down with your two palms (from bottom to top, from inside to outside) for 3 ~ 6 times.

step 8 Soothe the heart and collect the work: connect the upper pose, naturally stretch your body and mind, take three deep breaths, click the temples on both sides and the eye points on your ears for six times, slowly open your eyes, slowly move your hands down the side of your body, and move your body a little, which is the end.

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