Expert tips: how to prevent children’s myopia

Abstract: according to experts from Chengdu Aier Eye Hospital, there are many and complex causes of myopia. With the general increase of children’s myopia in recent years, preventing children’s myopia has become an urgent task for many parents. So, how to prevent children’s myopia?

with the gradual reduction of the average age of myopia, how to prevent children’s myopia? This problem has become more and more important. What problems should we pay attention to in preventing children’s myopia?

after the age of 3, children have more and more opportunities to see close and small things with their eyes, so they continue to use their eyes for longer and longer. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the baby’s eye hygiene and avoid the baby suffering from close vision early. Therefore, it is very important to prevent myopia. Specifically, we can start from the following points:

first of all, we must ensure that children can have sufficient light when reading and painting, so as to avoid their children’s long-term use of eyes in a dark environment. Parents should pay more attention to the light in their children’s space;


are followed by the need to cultivate children’s correct reading and fine working posture. Don’t let children read in bed or lie prone. Developing bad habits will be an important reason for myopia;

again, it is best not to let children watch comic books or TV for too long. Children have a strong interest in hobbies. It is recommended that parents read books for their children in large and clear font; In the process of watching TV, children also need to remind them to relax their eyes and not to watch for a long time;

finally, parents should often check their children’s eyesight. They can test the eyesight chart (they must understand the correct usage of the eyesight chart) or go to a professional eye hospital for examination, so as to find out the abnormal eyesight early, treat and correct it early, so as to avoid the difficulty of correction after a long time.