Experts remind: do myopia surgery to grasp the three levels

Abstract: the safety of myopia surgery has always been the most worried, because after all, it is inevitable to have surgery on the eyes. Ophthalmologists said that if we grasp the three levels, the operation is basically safe.

many myopia patients hope to remove heavy glasses once and for all, and myopia surgery is a good choice, but it is an operation after all, and there will be risks. Therefore, many people still think more about safety. Ophthalmologists said that to do myopia surgery, we should grasp the three levels, so the operation is basically very safe, so what are the three levels? Let’s learn more about it.

I. to do myopia surgery, we need to close the hospital.

LASIK is a highly automated operation, “the difference is a hundred miles away”, and has high requirements for surgical equipment and doctors’ technical level. At present, some irregular hospitals do not have surgical conditions, but use false advertisements and medical care to deceive patients, often reduce the inspection procedures, and even deliberately hide the existing surgical risks. Therefore, when choosing surgical hospitals, myopia patients must pay attention to choosing regular and professional hospitals to reduce the surgical risks.

2. Preoperative examination is required for myopia surgery.

although excimer laser surgery is mature, it does not mean that all patients are suitable. The following conditions must be met for the use of such surgery:

1. Young people aged between 18 and 50, of whom the eyes are not fully developed and the diopter is unstable, Postoperative visual acuity may retreat, or even hyperopia;

2. The degree of myopia should be stable for more than two years;


3, keratoconus, corneal scarring, amblyopia, retinal diseases and defects, and systemic diseases such as diabetes, collagenous diseases, autoimmune diseases are not suitable for surgery.

only strict preoperative examination can exclude the above unsuitable patients and ensure the best effect of the operation. Preoperative examination includes not only routine examinations such as eyelid, fundus and lacrimal duct, but also special examinations such as mydriatic optometry, intraocular pressure, corneal topography, wavefront aberration and retinal thickness. In addition, patients should not wear hard contact lenses within one month before operation and soft contact lenses within two weeks before operation. Antibiotics eye drops should be dropped every day within 3 days before operation according to the doctor’s advice.

III. After myopia surgery, patients should pay attention to postoperative care. In fact, postoperative eye care is equally important for the effect of surgery. Postoperative visual acuity recovery is a gradual process. It usually takes several days or a month or even longer to achieve the best results.


should pay attention to the following links:


I. try to close your eyes and rest within 24 hours after operation. You can’t take off the eye mask by yourself, let alone rub or squeeze your eyes with your hands;

2. We must take eye drops in strict accordance with the doctor’s advice, and we cannot drip other eye medicines without authorization;

III. in the early stage after operation, avoid eye contact with water when bathing and shampoo, let alone swimming in a public swimming pool;

IV. eye makeup is strictly prohibited within one month after operation to avoid the environment with more irritating gas and dust;

v. wear sunglasses or windshield glasses when going out within one month after operation to avoid long-time close eye use. If the study and work are heavy, it is recommended to shorten the eye use time each time.

the above is an introduction to “experts remind: we should grasp the three passes in myopia surgery”. The above points are very important. Details determine success or failure. Everything is the same, so don’t ignore them because you feel troublesome.