Experts remind: we must not watch the annular eclipse with naked eyes

Abstract: annular eclipses are solar eclipses. During the observation of solar eclipse, will the sunlight cause harm to people’s eyes? What should we pay attention to when observing?

Shenzhen ophthalmologist said that during the solar eclipse, citizens cannot directly aim at the sun with their naked eyes. You may have had a similar experience. If you look at the sun directly with your eyes, your eyes will be greatly stimulated in a short second. Even if you look away immediately, your eyes will be dark and can recover for a long time.

experts say that intense sunlight will cause serious damage to the macular area in people’s eyes. The macular area is the area with the sharpest vision. Short time direct sunlight may also cause permanent damage to the macular area, so vision cannot be restored. In addition, there is a lens in the eye, which plays the role of concentrating light and looks at the sun. The heat energy of the sun is gathered on the retina of the fundus of the eye. After some time, the retina will be burned.


experts believe that if you do not wear safe eclipse glasses, although your eyes may not have any pain and other reactions at that time, the hidden dangers will occur in a few hours. This should especially attract the attention of teachers and parents and restrict students from directly watching the eclipse. It should be noted that professional observation glasses are not 100% isolated from the sun. Even if you wear eclipse observation glasses, you should not observe for a long time.

it is understood that the lenses of solar eclipse glasses are professional and special dimmers, including metal plated film, polycarbonate, polyester fiber film and other materials. The maximum transmittance of ideal solar dimmers is 0.0032%, and ultraviolet and infrared rays should be effectively filtered. People can go to professional glasses sales agencies to buy, do not buy ordinary sunglasses and sunglasses casually.