Experts teach you ten ways to prevent presbyopia

Abstract: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the function of the eyes to see all things depends on the cultivation of the energy of the five zang organs, and the energy of the Zang Fu organs is stored in the kidney. Only when the kidney is full of Qi and the kidney is full of energy, the eyes can get sufficient nutrition and play their normal function.

as the saying goes, “people are always dazzled.”. But throughout the ages, there are many people who are old and clear-sighted. According to historical records, Sun Simiao, a great medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, attached great importance to eye health care. When he was nearly 90 years old, he was still “listening, seeing and hearing”. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, there are many elderly people who are not blind and deaf.


in traditional Chinese medicine, presbyopia is called “fear of being far away and near”, which means that the eyes can see clearly in the distance and vaguely in the near. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the function of the eyes to see everything depends on the cultivation of the essence and Qi of the five Zang and six Fu organs, and the essence and Qi of the Zang and Fu organs are hidden in the kidney. Only when the kidney is full of Qi and energy, the eyes can get sufficient nutrition and play their normal function.

in middle-aged and elderly people, Yin essence is insufficient, and kidney essence begins to decline, so they can’t see near clearly and can’t see far. Some people have headache, eye pain and double shadow. If you do not pay attention to recuperation, hunger and satiety are abnormal, eyesight is overworked, sobbing and melancholy, greed and wanton desire will aggravate the consumption of yin and essence. Yin essence is deficient and Yang inflammation is abundant. The water of Yin essence cannot subdue fire. Yin and yang are in imbalance, and water and fire are not good, resulting in weakened eyesight. In order to prevent the premature appearance and rapid development of presbyopia, we should first abandon bad living habits, have regular daily life, be mentally happy, use our eyes not excessively, and exercise appropriately. The following ten methods can be used for reference:


1. The basic principle of herbal tea health care law


is “the Lord of strengthening water to make sunshine”. Treatment should be tonifying the kidney, nourishing Yin, benefiting essence and brightening eyes. For example, chrysanthemum, asparagus, Rehmannia glutinosa, cassia seed, yam, dogwood meat, medlar, privet fruit and other drugs can be used not only for decoction, but also for tea. Simple tea therapeutic prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine, such as: ① medlar cassia tea: take 12g of medlar and grass Cassia respectively, soak them in freshly opened boiling water and drink them frequently, which can receive the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, clearing the liver and brightening the eyes. ② Cassia seed tea: stir fry cassia seed (pay attention not to stir fry). Put cassia seed equivalent to the amount of tea when drinking tea in a thermos cup and brew it with boiling water for 10 minutes every day. The water is brownish red and can be drunk. The concentration can be maintained after repeated brewing. ③ Medlar green tea: make water with medlar, chrysanthemum and green tea. Medlar should be more appropriate. Eat it when the afternoon tea is colorless. Chinese patent medicine can be taken frequently, such as Mingmu Dihuang pill and Dendrobium luminous pill. Pay attention not to eat pepper and alcoholic food during taking medicine.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation method

some people advocate Chinese medicine bath, that is, decoct water with chrysanthemum, mulberry leaves and bamboo leaves, fumigate eyes with steam while hot, and then wash eyes with medicine after water temperature, so as to achieve the effect of clearing liver and brightening eyes.

3. Eye blinking

usually use an open and close blink to stimulate and maintain eye muscles as soon as they are free. At the same time, gently rub the eyelids with both hands to enhance the moisture of the eyes; Close your eyes and try to support your chest. Close your eyes for a while and then relax. Repeat this operation. Regular eye movement can promote the blood circulation in the eye, massage the active lens and ciliary muscle, and the eye function is very good. There are four specific methods: ① look from close to far, select one object respectively, stop for a moment, and then gradually move the line of sight from far to near; ② Keep your head still and look at the four corners of a square building; ③ Close your eyes for a moment, and then suddenly open your eyes. You can also keep rolling when you close your eyes; ④ Close your eyes tightly, open your eyes after 5 seconds, try to look at a target, look at the tip of your nose after 5 seconds, and repeat 3 times.

4. Massage eyesight method

after getting up and before going to bed every day, aim the middle finger of both hands at the temple, the ring finger at the fish waist point, the little finger at the zanzhu point, close your eyes, apply pressure appropriately and rhythmically, and rotate slightly when pressing. Massage for 5 minutes each time, which can relieve the fatigue of eye muscles and brighten your eyes.

5. Kneading scalp method

there are many acupoints on the head that make the eyes bright. Holding the head with both hands and kneading all parts of the scalp can make the mind clear and the eyes bright. Or use the drum beating method, that is, knock the head everywhere with both hands and fingers.

6. Lower your head and pull your toes

squat down, make your hips as close as possible to your lower legs, and climb your toes with both hands. Pull up slightly. Head down as low as possible. This can make the Qi of the five zang organs rise to the head and nourish the ears and eyes.

7. Guide the breathing method

to keep your back straight, inhale with your nose, close your eyes when you reach the maximum, and then exhale slowly upward with your mouth. This will not only brighten your eyes, but also heal tears.

8. Cold water eye washing method

after getting up in the morning, wash your face and eyes with cold water. First, soak your eyes in cold water for 1 ~ 2 minutes, open your eyes, keep rolling in the water, repeat several times, and then wipe dry. Then gently rub the face and eye muscles with both hands for 20 ~ 40 times. Long term persistence, the effect is especially good.

9. Hot water eye application

wash your face with warm water at 40 ~ 50 ℃ before going to bed every night. When washing your face, soak the towel in hot water, take it out and don’t screw it too dry. Immediately compress it on your forehead and eyes, tilt your head upward, and close your eyes gently for about 1 ~ 2 minutes. Wash your face with water after the temperature decreases.

10. Cherish your eyes with your eyes

first, pay attention not to look at your eyes, which not only consumes energy, but also damages your mind. Avoid eye irritation caused by strong light in life, such as direct viewing of sunlight, welding light, strong lightning, disco laser, etc. Second, we should pay attention to the sight soon. The Internal Classic points out that “long sight hurts blood”. In addition to work and study, it is advisable to often close your eyes to nourish your mind and eyes; Don’t read, write or watch TV for too long. While paying attention to eye hygiene, avoid eating spicy and irritating food, and often do eye exercises to eliminate eye fatigue.


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