Eye care! Can eye exercises eliminate myopia?

Abstract: myopia is prevented from childhood, which is an old topic. We should pay attention not to watch computers and mobile phones in a highly sensitive environment, go outdoors to see nature, encourage children to walk outdoors, and so on.

due to the excessive use of electronic products, people often don’t rest even playing for hours, and the problem of sour and uncomfortable eyes has increased greatly. Light people are prone to eye fatigue, and heavy people may cause headache, eye tingling and blurred vision. Cause myopia or deepening myopia, presbyopia and dry eyes.

eye care exercises can eliminate myopia?


recently, a set of magical “vision recovery seven day eye exercises” has been circulated on the Internet, which claims to reduce 500 degree myopia to 100 degrees. It has suddenly ranked among the hot search lists of sina Weibo, and has even been wildly reprinted by all kinds of big v. is this really the gospel of myopia?

eye exercises can’t improve myopia.

can only relieve fatigue and pseudomyopia.

first came to popularize the little knowledge of myopia. Myopia is divided into true myopia and false myopia. True myopia, to put it simply, is the lengthening of the eyeball. The normal eye length is 22 ~ 23mm. For each 1mm lengthened, the degree of myopia increases by 300 degrees. The length can be measured by professional instruments. “The length elasticity of the eyeball is not so good. It is impossible to stretch and retract freely. If you want to retract the lengthened eyeball, you can’t complete it with a few actions.”


pseudomyopia is caused by the lens. It is just like the zoom lens of a camera. If you use your eyes at close range for too long, it will cause tension or spasm of adjustment. You can’t relax the adjustment when looking far away, and your vision will decline. “General pseudomyopia can be treated. Point some eye drops to relax the crystalline shape, and the convex lens will return to flat.” The so-called “eye exercises” of


have some effects on pseudomyopia at most. After all, the eyes are constantly moving, looking far, near, left and right. At this time, the ciliary muscle is constantly undergoing exercise, so the adjustment ability of the lens is also constantly undergoing exercise to relax the muscles, and pseudomyopia will naturally get better.

therefore, it is impossible for “eye exercises” to cure myopia.


to some extent, “eye exercises” is just to relieve fatigue. Moreover, this way to relieve fatigue is not suitable for everyone. In some patients with inflammation such as keratitis and vitreous opacity, frequent eye rotation will increase eye discomfort. Moreover, if only aimed at alleviating eye fatigue, the correct massage of acupoints will be more effective than the way of rotating the eyes.

myopia is irreversible. Prevention from childhood is more important.

at present, there is no simple scientific method to reverse myopia. Now there are a large number of “folk prescriptions” in the network, and the popularity of science by the public is not so wide. Therefore, it is difficult to answer many questions with scientific methods, but I suggest you not to believe the erroneous statements in the network.


myopia is prevented from childhood, which is an old topic. We should pay attention not to look at computers and mobile phones in a highly sensitive environment, go outdoors to see nature, encourage children to walk outdoors, and so on.


are aimed at low myopia of young children. They can wear corneal shaping glasses before the age of 18. Corneal shaping glasses are contact lenses worn during sleep. When you get up and take off your glasses, your vision can reach 1.0. This kind of glasses can also control the continuous development of myopia, which may only increase by 50 ~ 75 degrees in 3 or 4 years. The myopia patients who have been wearing frame glasses are likely to increase the degree of myopia by more than 100 degrees every year.


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