Eye care exercises damage vision?

Abstract: since there is no scientific experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of eye exercises, the invariable posture of eye exercises will inevitably make children feel boring. Therefore, experts provide other ways to protect eyesight.

“for the revolution, protecting eyesight and preventing myopia, eye exercises are now beginning…” with familiar music and voice, eye exercises handed down from generation to generation for more than 40 years, as a tradition of Chinese campus culture, have been integrated into the lives of several generations and carried the memories of several generations. On April 25, Fang Zhouzi, a scholar living in the United States, made a statement in China Youth Daily that only China is promoting eye exercises in the world, but the myopia rate of Chinese students ranks second in the world!


are “useless” or “destructive”. In the face of such voices, children panic and parents are afraid. Some parents even run to the Education Bureau, and some people find the daughter of the inventor of eye exercises and want to know whether there is a relationship between eye exercises and myopia.


, while more schools and teachers hold a wait-and-see attitude. They are very confused. How can eye exercises inherited for generations become a source of disaster at once?

many students resist eye exercises.

the reporter found in the interview that the eye exercises, which have been used for 40 years, have a bad “reputation” at present. Not only the students are unwilling to do it, but also the school is difficult to supervise. According to the Legal Evening News on April 17, a survey of 200 primary and secondary school students in Zhongguancun, Chaoyang Gate and Hepingli areas in Beijing shows that about 100 people believe that eye exercises have little effect on the prevention and treatment of myopia. A fifth grade pupil said: “doing eye exercises is actually fooling the teacher and myself! It’s too hard to close my eyes for five minutes and repeat boring actions. As soon as the student on duty leaves, I’ll open my eyes and talk to the students nearby.”

in view of the “useless theory of eye exercises”, Xiao Li, born in the “post-80s”, said: “in the past, when I was in primary school and junior middle school, the school stipulated to do eye exercises twice a day. At that time, I did it seriously, but now I am still short-sighted. Now I hear that eye exercises not only don’t work, but also may hurt my eyes. I believe it. Maybe I do eye exercises.” The mother of a third grader in a primary school in Beijing was very confused. “Is eye exercises really useless? Will it hurt your eyes if you don’t press it? I don’t know whether to let the child continue to do it now.”


compared with the resistance and confusion of students and parents, Miss Dong, 29, misses eye exercises very much, “The melody of eye exercises is still fresh in my memory. Through five minutes of closing my eyes and refreshing and massaging acupoints, I think it works very well and can at least relax my eyes. A while ago, I downloaded this recording with MP3. After reading or using the computer for a long time, I felt very comfortable.”

although people have different views on eye exercises, most parents believe that children’s vision needs to be protected. Not long ago, in Hangzhou, parents even paid people to do eye exercises for their children. A store called “vision health studio” also appears around many primary schools, and the business is very hot. The whole service lasts about 40 minutes, mainly combined with topical drugs to do corresponding acupoint massage for children to protect their eyesight. The one-time service charge is 20 yuan. Many children have done it for nearly a year. A student’s parents said: “although schools teach children how to do eye exercises, children are mostly perfunctory about this set of exercises. In addition, they are not sure about the acupoints and the strength is not enough. It is difficult to work. Therefore, they hire someone to do it outside.”

experts refute the theory that “eye exercises are useless”,

eye exercises are useless? Let’s take a look at the three groundbreaking questions of Fang Zhouzi and others, as well as the responses of ophthalmologists.


question 1: in the world, only China is promoting eye exercises, while the myopia rate of Chinese students ranks second in the world, second only to Singapore. Among them, 28% are primary school students, 60% are junior middle school students and 85% are senior high school students. In the United States, which does not do eye exercises, the myopia rate is only 25%. Chu Renyuan, director of the Key Laboratory of myopia of the Ministry of health, director of Shanghai ophthalmic quality control center and professor of Ophthalmology of Fudan University, said that eye exercises and myopia rate cannot be equated. He led the research team to measure the genetic index of refractive parameters of Chinese people for the first time. It was found that heredity played about 60% of the role in the formation of myopia, and another 40% depended on the influence of environmental factors. The survey shows that the rate of myopia in Asians is 40% – 80%, two or three times higher than that in Westerners.


the reason for the statement that “the more prevention and treatment, the more people with myopia” is due to “two deficiencies and one excess”: first, there is a lack of professionals with glasses. In Shanghai, optometrists with bachelor’s degree only account for 0.79%, and the rest are high school students and technical secondary school students. They generally lack systematic medical training, and most ophthalmologists have not received systematic optometry education. Therefore, inaccurate optometry and improper glasses. Secondly, there is a lack of unified management organization for myopia prevention and treatment. In the United States, there are independent optometry societies, universities and schools of vision; In China, the importance of visual health care is far less than that of foreign countries, regardless of capital investment or system. Finally, the commercial hype is too strong. For example, in order to promote some eye care products, it is publicized that children’s myopia is mostly false and does not need glasses. Question 2 of


: there is no scientific basis for the theory of meridians and acupoints in eye health exercises. “Although there are no scientific theories and clinical trials to prove that doing eye exercises can indeed prevent myopia, its benefits to the eyes are obvious.” Gao Jiansheng, former president and doctoral supervisor of the eye hospital of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, said that eye exercises are a massage method based on medical massage, meridian theory and sports medical treatment. Through the massage of meridians and acupoints, it improves the blood circulation of the eyes and relaxes the ciliary muscles. Juvenile myopia is mainly due to ciliary muscle tension or spasm, which alleviates its fatigue and naturally improves vision.


question 3: it is also acupoint diagnosis and treatment. Acupuncture and moxibustion can’t insert acupoints, let alone use ten meat sticks? “Whether the acupoints are accurate, whether the strength is appropriate and whether the massage time can be guaranteed have a direct impact on the actual effect of eye health exercises.” But this is mainly due to, dyspepsia, not thinking about diet, irritability, uneasy sleep at night, poor stool, short and red urine.

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