Eye disease in children: 70% preventable

Abstract: Children’s eye diseases are mostly caused by acquired bad eye habits and environment. Ophthalmologists remind parents and friends that children’s eye diseases: 70% can be prevented.

in the face of many children with eye diseases, experts put forward that the lack of parents’ basic physiological knowledge of eyes is the main reason for the high incidence of children’s eye diseases. If properly prevented, nearly 70% of children can not suffer from eye diseases.

prevention of myopia

the best distance from the perimeter of the TV screen is 2.5 ~ 3 times.

“computers and TV are the two modern equipment, which are the main reasons for the high incidence of myopia, but if the prevention work is done well, some children are still not easy to suffer from myopia.” Experts say. Newborn infants are hyperopia, and the degree of hyperopia can reach 200 ~ 250 degrees; The visual acuity of children aged 3 ~ 4 years is normal between 0.6 ~ 0.8; The normal visual acuity range of children aged 5 ~ 6 years was 0.8 ~ 1.0; The visual acuity of 8-year-old children is emmetropia, up to 1.0, neither myopia nor hyperopia. Knowing the basic physiological knowledge of children’s eyes, I believe that many parents will no longer have the process of blindly seeking medical treatment. For school-age children, we should also pay attention to that the book and the lamp should not be in a parallel state, preferably the lamp and the book should be in a vertical state, and don’t lie down and read books.


experts point out that in daily life, it is unrealistic for you to let your children not watch TV or play with the computer. At this time, parents should pay attention to that the best distance for children to watch TV is 2.5 ~ 3 times the circumference of the TV screen. Every 45 minutes, let their children see other things. You might as well put some green plants next to the TV and potted flowers next to the computer.

recognize amblyopia

wear glasses with vision less than 1.0. You need to see a doctor immediately

“my son has glasses. How can he still have amblyopia?”


the best way to prevent amblyopia in children is to go to a regular optometry place for optometry. For children who wear glasses for the first time, the first pair of glasses in life must be dilated for optometry. At this time, certain pseudomyopia can be eliminated. Early detection and early treatment of pseudomyopia can be cured. If the way of glasses matching is wrong, children will suffer from amblyopia, That followed strabismus and surgery is inevitable. The best way is to correctly check the eyesight after wearing glasses. The best distance between people and the eyesight chart is 5 meters, and the eyes should be level. If the distance is less than 5 meters, the measured eyesight will be marked with a question mark.


experts pointed out that amblyopia and strabismus are inseparable brothers. Parents should remember that when matching glasses for their children, they must go to a regular hospital for pupil dilation optometry.

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myopia can never be cured.

in the face of overwhelming publicity for myopia treatment, many parents are at a loss. Which one to believe, especially those advertisements that can cure myopia, entices parents to give generously again and again.


experts pointed out that for young people with myopia, the best way to treat myopia is to match glasses correctly. For pseudomyopia, normal treatment in the hospital can be solved only by eyedrops, and the cost is very low.