Eye diseases related to women’s menstruation eye care rules during menstruation

Abstract: eye diseases related to women’s menstruation

the reason why menstruation can affect the eyes is mostly due to the disorder of estrogen metabolism, which causes the dysfunction of hypothalamus and autonomic nerve, dilates the blood vessels of the eyes, or affects the sensory nerves of the eyes, resulting in symptoms such as eye congestion, pain, photophobia and tears, and decreased vision. Once menstruation is adjusted, This eye disease will soon disappear.

the following are several common menstrual related eye diseases:

menstrual red eye disease

some women have symptoms such as eye congestion and conjunctival swelling before menstruation, which gradually reduce and disappear after menstruation. The more menstrual blood, the faster the redness and swelling disappeared. This is more common in women with irregular menstruation and occurs periodically.

inverted menorrhea

some women will have subconjunctival bleeding and even retinal congestion 3 ~ 4 days before menstruation, and most of them are complicated with epistaxis. The bleeding will stop soon after menstruation. This eye disease is more common in women with little or no menstruation.

menstrual eye pain

some women have obvious eye swelling and eye pain 3 ~ 4 days before menstruation, and are often accompanied by symptoms such as headache, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, low back acid and abdominal pain, which gradually reduce and disappear after menstruation. Individual cases are often accompanied by persistent photophobia and tears, which are relieved at the end of each menstruation, but will not disappear completely.

in addition, there are some women with amenorrhea or irregular menstruation. Their eyes are not red or painful, but their eyesight decreases. During the examination, the outside of the eyes is normal, and most of the fundus are also normal. Only a few fundus showed mild hyperemia of optic nerve papilla, blurred edge and filling of retinal vein. The biggest feature of this disease is that after taking menstrual regulating drugs, the vision recovers with the smoothness of menstruation.

eye care methods for women during menstruation

1 We should often close our eyes and refresh ourselves. During the month of


, Mommy needs to have a better rest. In addition to taking care of the baby during the day, we should often close our eyes and refresh ourselves. So that your eyesight won’t feel tired.

  2. Don’t look at things for a long time.

looking at things for a long time will damage your eyes. Generally, you should close your eyes and rest for a while or look into the distance for about 1 hour, so as to alleviate the fatigue of your eyes and make the blood gas of your eyes unobstructed.

  3. Supplement reasonable nutrition


eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as some carrots, lean meat, lentils and green leafy vegetables. It can prevent corneal dryness and degeneration and enhance the ability of eyes to see objects in darkness. In addition, we should eat less food that is harmful to the eyes, such as spicy food, onions, garlic, leeks, pepper, pepper, etc.

  4. Pay attention to eye hygiene


are getting older, have a deeper understanding of health, and feel that health and beauty begin with eye care. When reading, keep the distance between your eyes and the book at 33.3cm. Don’t read or write under the dim light and direct sunlight. Usually do not rub your eyes with dirty hands, and do not share toiletries with your family.

  5. Menstrual or postpartum eye care program


have brought contact lenses for so many years. They feel more and more convenient and practical. Contact lenses should not only be thin and bright, but also keep warm and comfortable. Recommended by my doctor friend, I specially applied to try on @ Cooper optical Cooper vision sun throwing contact lenses. Its water content is as high as 55%, which can maximize the relief of dry eyes and feel more comfortable. In fact, whether a woman is in normal period or after delivery, she should pay more attention to these details. The wearing time should not exceed 12 hours a day, so as to ensure that the eyes will not suffer from hypoxia. In addition, she should regularly replace lenses and care products and do not use them for too long.


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