Eye exercises ≠ therapeutic exercises!

Abstract: when primary and middle school students do eye exercises, they can give their eyes a chance to relax and rest, which is the same as using this time to look into the distance and do outdoor sports. Therefore, in terms of children’s vision health care, parents can neither completely rely on eye exercises, nor ignore the role of eye exercises, nor use them as therapeutic exercises to recover vision.

it is understood that at present, only China is implementing eye exercises in the world, while the myopia rate of Chinese students ranks second in the world, with 28% for primary school students, 60% for junior middle school students and 85% for senior high school students. In the United States, which does not do eye exercises, the myopia rate is only 25%. However, this does not mean that eye exercises are harmful to vision.

primary and middle school students can give their eyes a chance to relax when doing eye exercises, which is the same as using this time to look into the distance and do outdoor sports. Therefore, in terms of children’s vision health care, parents can neither completely rely on eye exercises, nor ignore the role of eye exercises, nor use them as therapeutic exercises to recover vision.

eye exercises should be carried out under the guidance of professional health doctors. Pay attention to the strength and method, do not touch the eyeball, so as not to cause some unnecessary damage.

to prevent myopia, we must cultivate children’s good health habits from an early age. Cultivate their correct writing and reading posture, and keep their books and eyes one square meter; Reading time should not be too long; Writing and reading should have proper light; Carry out appropriate outdoor activities; Don’t eat too many sweets; Eat more vegetables and fruits containing B vitamins and animal liver and egg yolk.

the vision of children under 6 years old is not mature, which is the most time to protect and restore normal vision. Myopia itself is not terrible. If myopia is found, you should go to the dimensional vision rehabilitation center for systematic rehabilitation as soon as possible.


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