Eye exercises encounter “trust” crisis

Abstract: eye exercises have become an indelible collective brand. ” Experts believe that “when eye exercises were first popularized and implemented in schools, it was a completely different era.

recently, the statement that” eye exercises were questioned “was disclosed by the Internet and some media, causing confusion among the people. Some posters, parents and students disputed the efficacy of eye exercises from their personal experience.

positive effects strengthen the awareness of eye health care

“eye health exercises have become an indelible collective brand.” Experts believe that, “When eye exercises were first promoted and implemented in schools, it was a completely different era. As a behavioral intervention model, in my opinion, the significance of eye exercises is not to effectively prevent myopia, or just to prevent myopia, but to convey and strengthen the awareness of eye protection through eye acupoint massage at least twice a day. Sometimes I sigh, maybe There is no other behavioral intervention in the world, which can be the same as the popularization and application of eye exercises. It is unique! ” Experts from


said that the positive effect of eye exercises is to enhance teenagers’ consciousness of eye protection and visual health care. Almost all parents of nearsighted children over the age of 40 or 50 will complain in the same words: “in the end, they are still nearsighted. This child just doesn’t do eye exercises well!” There is no doubt that eye exercises have been supported by most parents for more than 40 years.

“crisis” appears, lack of modern scientific demonstration

“so far, there is no report at home and abroad that a large sample research method of multicenter, randomized, controlled and double-blind can confirm the effect of eye exercises on myopia, and this method is recognized as the most objective.” When someone applied for a national scientific research plan on juvenile myopia at the end of last year, it was envisaged to take the multi center double-blind research of eye exercises as a content. It was found that China has attached importance to eye exercises for so many years, but there is no paper on eye exercises in line with modern medical scientific methods. Experts from


said that they had long defaulted to eye exercises as a lifestyle behavior intervention, a traditional health care and eye care culture, which was in line with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the ideal of “treating disease without disease”, but they never thought that eye exercises could directly treat myopia. In fact, eye exercises were founded by an elder in the physical education teaching and Research Department of Beijing Medical College. It was popularized in primary and secondary schools in Beijing in 1963. In 1972, eye exercises were simplified from 8 sections to 5 sections. Although there are text descriptions and acupoint diagrams, they are by no means the product of modern medical experiments in a strict sense. From today’s perspective, this is somewhat unimaginable, but it is suitable for the social reality of China at that time.


and “removing the fog” do alleviate visual fatigue. Traditional Chinese medicine


are macro. The role of acupoint massage is mostly time-dependent and functional maintenance. The “innocence” essence of eye exercises should be returned. It is worth affirming that the founders and promoters loved and protected eyes with eye exercises in the scientific environment at that time. Zhou Xingtao believes that “for the revolution”, “preventing myopia” or “controlling new cases of myopia” are inappropriate “purposes” added later in the popularization campaign. In the past decades, the utilitarian aura of “myopia” imposed on eye exercises has faded, but recently it has attracted accusations of “pseudoscience”. The founder is simple and does not play tricks. I believe that if the founder is alive, he must have many opinions to elaborate.


everyone knows that exercise is beneficial to health on the macro level, but it is easy to be misunderstood if we do not properly emphasize the specific disease treatment objectives, such as “let’s do stretch gymnastics section 3 for the prevention and treatment of a disease…”. For example, someone has always insisted on doing stretch gymnastics section 3, but unfortunately suffered from a disease. Under such circumstances, the fitness function of stretch gymnastics should not be denied. In the recent disputes between


, some views, such as “no scientific basis”, actually conflict in understanding traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Some, such as the logic of “China promotes eye exercises, but students are more myopic than other countries, so eye exercises are useless” is wrong, For example, “eye exercises can lead to corneal deformation and eye infection” is arbitrary and exaggerated (there has never been such a case in the ophthalmology department of the eye, ear, nose and Throat Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University in the past 50 years). People don’t have to be restless.


experts emphasize that eye exercises can indeed alleviate visual fatigue. It is a traditional method of primary visual health care, and many adults also have personal experience. For students, in some periods, they can’t go outdoors for sports activities, and there is no suitable overlooking space. Doing eye exercises seriously is an effective means to relax their eyes. It is suggested that when guiding students to do eye exercises, the acupoints should be accurate, the strength should be appropriate, and the atmosphere should be relaxed and happy. Of course, exploring a better way to integrate the essence and practicality of traditional medicine is the way to make eye exercises and other eye care behavior models close to students in twenty-first Century.

myopia correction glasses and surgery are reliable.

myopia is a manifestation of the mismatch between the optical elements of the eye and the length of the eyeball. It is mainly due to the abnormal optical parameters of the eye structure, such as the structural changes such as too long axis and too steep cornea (the so-called pseudomyopia does not exist or rarely occurs, which is not discussed in this paper). The prevalence of myopia is high. But the incidence rate of high myopia in the world has been relatively constant for nearly a hundred years, indicating that heredity is the main reason for high myopia. Simple myopia, that is, mild to moderate myopia below 600 degrees, is mostly closely related to the acquired close eye use, environment and other factors. It is also an inevitable manifestation of the development of civilized society and the great improvement of the demand, frequency and intensity of human close eye use.

fortunately, the current means of correction, whether glasses or surgery, are very reliable. Experts pointed out that for juvenile myopia, standardized optometry is the first choice, while adult myopia can be corrected by excimer laser surgery. Over the past decade, laser surgery has developed into a mature and stable mainstream method.

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