Eye exercises have been done for many years or myopia. Do you want to do it?

Abstract: one of the causes of myopia is to look close for a long time, resulting in ciliary muscle regulation spasm. The original intention of eye exercises is to relax around the ciliary muscles and increase the blood supply, so as to delay the development of myopia. The incidence rate of myopia in

is high and younger. Eye exercises have been in practice for many years. Why is myopia incidence rate higher and higher? Reducing close eye use, increasing outdoor activities, tracking refractive development, timely screening and wearing glasses all play a positive role in preventing and delaying children’s myopia. The

survey shows that the myopia detection rate of Chinese students has increased in recent years and shows a trend of low age. The problem of “small glasses” can not be ignored.

myopia is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. What we can do is how to prevent and control the occurrence and development of myopia by changing environmental factors, especially to reduce the occurrence of pathological myopia.

eye exercises have been done for many years, but they are still short-sighted. Do you still need to do them? Although


exercises have been doing eye exercises, the incidence rate of myopia is increasing and the trend of younger age is showing. So, is eye exercises useless? One of the causes of


myopia is long-term close viewing, which leads to ciliary muscle regulation spasm. The original intention of eye exercises is to relax around the ciliary muscles and increase the blood supply, so as to delay the development of myopia.


eye exercises mainly play two roles by stimulating the acupoints around the eyes. One is to adjust the paralysis state of ciliary muscle and make it in a relaxed state; The second is to increase the blood supply of the eyes. After the blood flow of the eyes increases, it is also conducive to the relaxation of the ciliary muscles. The principle of


pseudomyopia is mainly the regulation of ciliary muscle spasm, which is now called regulation lag. Attention should be paid to the treatment of pseudomyopia. Under normal circumstances, the degree of myopia of children will increase by 50 degrees every year. If treated with certain methods, it may only increase by about 20 degrees every year, which can delay the development of true myopia. What are the methods of


to prevent and delay myopia?


reduce close eye use, increase outdoor activities, track refractive development, timely screen and wear glasses, all of which play a positive role in preventing and delaying the occurrence and development of children’s myopia.

reducing close eye use and increasing outdoor activities are effective means to prevent and control myopia. It is recommended that children look into the distance or do eye exercises to relieve fatigue after using their eyes close for half an hour. Now many children are often in an indoor environment, which is unfavorable to the protection of their eyesight. They should go outdoors during recess. Evidence based studies have shown that outdoor exercise for 2 hours a day can help reduce the incidence and development of myopia.


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